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Eddie Jordan must read this site...

...because how else would you explain these comments following the win over the Celtics.  (emphasis mine)

After the game, a relieved Eddie Jordan was kicking himself for going to a smaller lineup in the third quarter. When he pulled center Brendan Haywood off the floor and replaced him with Jarvis Hayes with 5 minutes 53 seconds remaining in the period, the Wizards held a comfortable 15-point lead.

Then the undermanned Celtics started drilling shots, including three three-pointers from Ray and four layups by Al Jefferson. Any momentum the Wizards had created was lost and Jordan's team had to grind out a win through a sloppy fourth quarter and overtime.

"We were not making shots and I gambled a little bit with a smaller lineup when we had a decent lead," Jordan said. "It backfired on us because they came back and tied it up and got it going."


Wow!  At least he gets it...somewhat.  He forgot to mention the part about not putting Haywood back in until midway through the fourth quarter, but at least he realizes the lunacy of the small lineup in that game.  

It will be interesting to see how much Jordan decides to use the small lineup against Phoenix tomorrow.  The Suns are a team that compells you to go small, with three forwards along the front line that defy traditional positions.  Haywood played very well in the last Suns game before fouling out, and once he fouled out, the Suns blew a chance to exploit the Amare Stoudamire-Antawn Jamison matchup.  Does that happen again?  We'll see, but I hope that Jordan trusts his instincts and keeps Haywood on the court.