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This is not good.  Not good at all.

"Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas took one shot -- a short jumper -- at practice yesterday and was promptly ruled out of practice after the ball missed the rim by about a foot.

    "I took a 15-footer, and it wasn't even close," said Arenas, who suffered a shoulder injury in the first quarter of the Wizards' 119-102 loss to Milwaukee on Saturday. Arenas hurt his shoulder when he collided with Bucks forward Ruben Patterson."

The article goes on to say that Arenas is 75 percent sure he's going to play on Wednesday against Milwaukee, but this quote doesn't sound all that encouraging.  

"Hopefully it will feel better by then," Arenas said. "I've still got 48 hours to go before we play. Right now it's very painful."

It may end up turning out to be nothing, and even if Arenas misses the game against the Bucks, it's only one game.  I worry only because the Wizards medical staff has not been very reliable this year.  Darius Songaila's back injury was only supposed to be minor, but it turned into a 3-month injury.  Etan Thomas was only expected to miss a week or so; now, he's been out for a month.  Hopefully, they're more accurate with Arenas.  Otherwise, the Wizards, needless to say, are in big, big trouble.

UPDATE: The blog says Arenas attended practice and should play Wednesday. Let's hope they're correct.

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