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Managing the rotation open thread

NOTE: Scroll down for the latest entries. We've got some great contribution so far, but I know there's more ideas out there.

Many of us at Bullets Forever have complained extensively about Eddie Jordan's strange rotation patterns.  Whether it be playing Donnell Taylor crunch-time minutes over Antonio Daniels, failing to give Andray Blatche consistent time, falling in love with Jarvis Hayes at the power forward spot, playing Antawn Jamison at center, or throwing in guys like Roger Mason at random key points during games, Jordan's roation never fails to confuse.  Often times, I've wondered whether we could come up with a better and real rotation system that is more consistently constant.  

Well, now here's our chance.  Instead of spending countless hours wondering how exactly we'd change the roation, I figured this was a great time to throw the question out there.  If Eddie Jordan can't manage the rotation, maybe it's time we stepped in and did it for him.

What do you think the Wizards general rotation should be?  You can either just throw out a rough rotation, or you can break down the depth chart by position, with approximate minutes for each player.  For example, if I were to break down a depth chart of my own, it would include less time for Jamison, more time for Andray Blatche, slightly more time for Brendan Haywood (and slightly less for Thomas) and more time for Stevenson/Daniels, combined with less time for Jarvis Hayes.

Leave your answers in the comments section.  Together, let's teach this guy how to manage a rotation!

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