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Link dump day

It's a lazy Thursday, and I pretty much said everything relevant about yesterday's win in the last post, so not much new is happening in Wizardland.  

Here are a couple links to check out.  

SI's Chris Mannix says that Gilbert Arenas has eclipsed Kobe Bryant as the best clutch shooter in the NBA.  

"Is there a more clutch shooter in the game today? Kobe Bryant still plays with ice in his veins, but to many his comments about Arenas' shot selection sounded a little like professional jealousy (and don't think Arenas didn't take notice). Dirk Nowitzki is a freak of nature, a 7-footer with range from just inside half-court. But Nowitzki is more of a stand-up shooter who is most effective in a two-man game down the stretch. Vince Carter, Steve Nash and Tracy McGrady are all clutch in their own right, but this season Arenas has elevated his perimeter game above their level.

Whoa there, hold on a second.  I hate the term "clutch shooter," simply because the best clutch shooters (with the exception of guys like Robert Horry and Mario Elie) tend to be the best players anyway, so obviously they're going to be the best at the end of the game.  Also, even the best stars don't make every shot, and we often forget those shots they miss.  Still, even if we were able to emperically define clutchness (as we sort of can with Arenas), it's hard to say he's the most clutch player because he's winning a couple regular-season games at home with the game tied.  Let's see it happen when the stakes are higher.

Eddie Jordan was fined $15,000 for his antics in the third quarter of the San Antonio game.  Whatever.  $15,000 does seem like a ton, but I've given up trying to understand how the NBA doles out its fines.

Bogger Dan Steinberg talked to Caron Butler about his swag in this video.  Watch out, Arenas!

Via the Fanhouse comes this story of former Wizard Kwame Brown taking a man's birthday cake and throwing it back at him.  And you wonder why the Wizards traded him.

Finally, be sure to check out Unsilent's diary on his experiences at yesterday's game.  Diaries are a great feature of SBNation sites, and you all should take ample opportunity to use them.  Just to clear up some confusion, "diary" simply referrs to a reader post not on the main page.  The section is not one long running diary of reader thoughts.  It's just a place where you guys can discuss ideas that haven't been covered on the main page or random Wizards thoughts that you have.  For diary guidelines, go here.   I'm hoping we can use this tool more often in the future.