Thoughts from Section 112

  1. I don't know if it got picked up on tv but when it got really quiet at the 3 minute mark (roughly) I screamed at Eddie Jordan at the top of my lungs to put Deshawn in the game. Tehis came after five minutes of screaming at him after watching Donnell get abused for the entire fourth quarter.
  2. JJ's a bitch. He was yapping like crazy the entire game, he even screamed out in jubilation when a long rebound dropped right into his hands, nobody else was within five feet of the ugly fucker. The only guy that I saw talking to him before the game was AD. Needless to say I reminded him why we let his candyass go to New York.
  3. There was a douchebag sitting behind my man Carlos Rogers wearing a Ewing jersey and a backwards Yankee hat, it goes without saying that he confirmed every negative stereotype regarding New York sports fans.
  4. As much as I love Caron...and I would totally have his babies...I love Deshawn even more. At the end of the game he could have easily jacked it up from the baseline but instead he made the extra pass to Caron for the win. Name one other shooting guard in the league that passes up that shot.
  5. Zeke outcoached Eddie I'm going to vomit for an hour.
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  1. One of Q's family members was sitting in front of me (either sister or cousin I assume). Apparently she's a regular when Q comes to DC so the ground rules were established...I wasn't to bring up the name "Brandy"
  2. I still got off plenty of good lines directed at those wayward Knicks. After indulging in a few drinks I waited for David Lee to come towards me for an inbounds pass at which point I asked him (loudly) to take off his shirt and dunk the ball. Then I reminded him that James White kicked his ass then and he'd do it again now. Obviously myself and my fellow regulars (shout-out to Rahn!) got in a few shots at Nate's even easier now then it was in college.
  3. I'm done with Brendan Haywood. I don't care if he had 9 boards in the first half, he has the worst hands in the history of the league. On countless plays he should have easily controlled the ball, obviously he failed miserably. It got so bad at one point that the entire crowd just groaned, instead I articulated my belief that he has the hands of a five year-old. Although as much as I dislike the guy's game I was still begging for him in the fourth quarter when Curry was owning Etan. When I fall asleep in thirty seconds (which should help to explain my prose) I will be dreaming of healthy and vibrant men named Michael and Darius.
  4. Jess Kersey is waaaay too old for this shit.His botched shot clock violation call in the first quarter was embarassing enough that he had to admit to the guys up front that he screwed up. That's the first time I've heard a ref admit his mistake since the Russian guy on the MD/DC high school circuit some five years ago. I still say he's a better ref than anybody I saw in the Big East or Pac 10.

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