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Gilbert Arenas blogs about his game-winning shot

Our favorite player/blogger is at it again.  Gilbert Arenas talked about the latest example of his phenomenal swag in his most recent blog entry.

"Coach drew up a play to give me the ball at the top of the key. From there, we all know what happened.

I just dribbled one more time. You know, I'm so fast when I get ready to move they're going to back up especially since I'm crouched so low. Most people think I'm going to go past them and he backed up enough for me to get my shot off.

It was money. Anytime I take a shot right now towards the end of the clock, I'm 11-for-11 right now. Anything I put up is going to be accurate."

I'm not sure if he's actually 11 for 11, but there's no doubt that he's become one of the best clutch players in the game.  I'm still baffled by Utah's decision to guard him straight up with Deron Williams, and apparently, I'm not alone.  And even though some disagree, I can't see why Arenas shouldn't be a part of the MVP discussion.