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First hand experience

I'm still gathering my thoughts after that incredible win, but in the meantime, Unsilent Majority was there, and he sent me this postgame recap.  

"Holy hell that was quite an experience. It was a good crowd although there were far too many young children there. It's very hard to properly articulate my thoughts on Joe DeRosa when I can't call him a useless sack of shit.

I don't think I've ever seen Antawn play that poorly before. Besides not hitting much of anything he was awful against Okur and he was motionless on offense.

Brenda Haywood is a little girl. I'm so god damn sick of watching him get a rebound only to watch a smaller player rip it from his little hands. I really want to kick him in the balls every time I see him play. During each timeout they played a video of a wizard reading a portion of a Dr. King speech. After Brenda said he had a dream I told him about my dream that he could box out Carlos Boozer...just once?

Eddie Jordan is just making this shit up as he goes. At one point he had Jarvis on Boozer then he put Daniels on Drago...and why doesn't Stevenson get to play in the fourth?

Gilbert Arenas is God. His hands were up in the air long before the ball went in, everybody knew it."

I'll have more later, but I guess teams still don't really know how to defend Arenas after all.