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Reader Feedback

It's been a long day today...I've been moving back into college following Winter Break, so I haven't really had the chance to scan for the latest stuff on the Wizards.

So with that in mind, I want to pose a couple questions to you guys.  

First off, I mentioned this in the comments the other day, but I don't know if everyone saw it, so I'll ask it here.

I do plan on giving away a prize to the winners of the contest, curtesy of Bullets Forever, but I don't have that prize available at this moment.  Since this is your blog more than it is mine, I want you guys to throw out some suggestions as to the prize.  My only guideline is that the two prizes stay under $20 each...I am a poor college kid, after all.  Mistersean already suggested tickets in the cheap seats for a future game in the phonebooth, and while I'd normally jump at such an idea, I worry about some of our non-DC members who would have difficulty reaping the benfits of that prize.  

Also, I originally said that the winner must pick a minimum of 10 games or over/unders to be eligible for the prize.  Do you think that's too many?  Too little?  What's your take on that minimum?

Finally, if anyone is scheduled to go to any upcoming home games, such as tomorrow against Utah, I'd love for you to either post a diary or send me an e-mail detailing your experience.  If you post a diary, I'll most likely promote it to the main page.

I'll be back tomorrow before the Utah game, and considering the events of this past weekend, it's imperitave that they get a W.