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"Quality Shots"

Sound wierd?  Well, apparently it's Gilbert Arenas' new catchphrase.

According to Jack Magruder of the Post, Arenas now utters the phrase "quality shots" after each jumper he takes.  It's unclear whether this spells the end of "hibachi," but it's clear that Arenas is saying this in response to Kobe Bryant's comments from last Sunday.  

Says Arenas:

"Maybe Kobe would say that was luck. It's luck when you score 30 or 40, but luck can't get you 50 or 60. Every game before the game, I make 10 3s from 10 spots on the court. That's 100 3s."

Of course, the irony of the whole situation is that Arenas' shots can hardly be considered "quality," but as long as he's making them, it doesn't matter.  Still, between you and me, I'm happy that he's uttering this phrase, not only because he's been playing out of his mind while saying it, but also because I'm giddy about this new Kobe-Arenas rivalry.  

I just hope "hibachi" comes back at some point, because Arenas' Christmas present wouldn't make much sense otherwise.