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Wizards 147, Lakers 141: 60 Hibachis for Agent Zero

We all said it would be high-scoring, and the two teams didn't disappoint.  In the end, however, it was Agent Zero having the last word with 60 points in leading the Wizards to an entertaining 147-141 overtime win over the Lakers.

Really, you can't say enough about Arenas last night.  When Brian Cook somehow hit that three pointer to send the game into OT, the Wizards looked finished.  Having watched the Lakers-Rockets game while packing to go home from school, I figured that it would only be a matter of time until Kobe took over the game.  Instead, it was Arenas who took over, slicing time and time again through the Lakers defense.  Nobody on the Lakers could stop him.  They seemingly put everyone on him, but nothing worked.  

There was one play that was metaphoric of Arenas incredible night.  Arenas already had 55 points and took the ball on a handoff at the top of the key.  Dribbling left, Arenas cut between Kobe and Vladimir Radmanovic and started to surge around the corner.  Kobe tried to cheat and cut him off, but just as he did so, Arenas abruptly stopped just behind the three point line, somehow squared up, and launched a three.  Swish.  Kobe was literaly standing behind the elbow when Arenas was in the air.  It was the most incredible hesitation I've ever seen, and it came after over 50 minutes of basketball.  Insane.

Speaking of Kobe, like Ivan Carter, I found these comments kind of ironic.

But him individually, it's funny, he doesn't really seem to have that much of a conscience. I really don't think he does. Some of the shots that he took tonight, you miss those, they're just terrible shots, awful shots. You make them and they're unbelievable shots."

I'll let everyone mill over the irony of that for a second.

Seriously, a lot went wrong in this one even though the team one, but I'm exhausted, so that'll have to wait until tomorrow.  I have one more thought before I go.  Anyone who claims that the Wizards are a soft jump-shooting team needs to stop.  Seriously.  They may be soft defensively, but the Wizards shot 60 free throws tonight as a team.  60 free throws!  On the road!  Against a Kobe Bryant-led team!  The reason why so many teams fear playing the Wizards is that they are relentless offensively.  Taking after Gilbert Arenas, they never stop attacking and they get to the line consistently from the wing.  So while there's a lot wrong with this team, one thing that makes no sense is the claim that they're a soft jump-shooting team.  Soft jump-shooting teams don't shoot 60 free throws in a game.  

And finally, a quick contest update (because we actually have contestents!).  As a reminder, I can't win, because, uh, I can't send anything to myself.  

Picking games

  1.  Big Easy: 1.000%
  2.  Jake the Snake: 1.000%
  3.  Hype: 66%
  4.  Pradamaster:66%
Big Three
  1.  Pradamaster: 1.000% (more games)
  2.  Big East: 1.000%
  3.  Jake the Snake: 1.000%
  4.  Hype: 33%