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A quick word about games

Readers of the old blog know that I post an open game thread before each Wizards game.  That practice isn't going to change here, and I think it's a great way to get discussions going.

However, now that the site has moved, I'm hoping to get even more community involvement for game threads.  As such, there are a couple things I'm hoping we can do on this site.

First things first, if you are attending the Nuggets game or any future games, home or road, then drop me an e-mail before the game and send me your thoughts so I can put them up on the blog.  Being stuck at school here in Boston, I don't usually get a chance to attend games, and it's always really nice to get a first-hand account, especially if you write in three different places

It doesn't even matter what you say in your e-mail, but if you're confused, scroll down to the Knicks postgame entry to see Seth's postgame report.  Seriously, if you're going, let me know, because I really want to be able to incorporate these on the blogs.

Also, with tonight's game, I'm going to start two running contests that will occur all season.  First, I'm going to provide the line for each game and have you guys pick the winner against the spread.  There will also be an over-under, but instead of total points, it will be whether the Big 3 (Arenas, Jamison, Butler) go over or under their season average to date.

As a quick example, here's what it would look like for tonight's game.

Denver at Washington: Washington by 2.5
Over/Under for Big 3: 63.8 points combined.

Whoever gets the highest percentage in each category will win a prize to be determined later.  I can't tell you what yet, but I can guarantee it will be something cool.  

You can join in at any time, but to win the prize, the minimum is 10 games picked either way.  I'll also be picking, but I'm obviously not eligible for the prize.  Once the season is over and I get something together to give away, I'll ask the winner to give me their address so I can send them their prize.  

Until then, good luck picking and I wish you all luck.