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A joke, but whatever

If there's one thing for sure in this Allen Iverson madness, it's that he's not ending up with the Wizards.  Still, it was kind of amusing to think of potential trade scenerios on the ESPN trade machine.  Here's what I came up with

Philadelphia 76ers

Incoming Players
Andray Blatche
Salary: $664,209  Years Remaining: 1
Donell Taylor
Salary: $664,209  Years Remaining: 1
Brendan Haywood
Salary: $4,500,000  Years Remaining: 4
Antawn Jamison
Salary: $15,101,626  Years Remaining: 2

Washington Wizards

Incoming Players
Steven Hunter
Salary: $3,024,000  Years Remaining: 4
PTS: 4.8  REB: 3.6  AST: 0.1  PER: 14.75
Allen Iverson
Salary: $17,184,375  Years Remaining: 3

Oh well, at least it sounds good.

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Also, be sure to cast your vote as to where AI actually ends up.  

An actual Wizards entry is coming soon, so stay tuned.