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Injured Centers Update

From Ivan Carter's Wizards Insider

The Wizards appear to be getting ready to play without centers Etan Thomas and Brendan Haywood Wednesday night. Neither player practiced today and Eddie Jordan said he would start Calvin Booth against the Nuggets if Haywood's bruised thigh doesn't allow him to go. Thomas sprained his left ankle pretty badly and could be out for a few games.

"It's day to day," Haywood said. "I still have a lot of swelling in there. Hopefully it will be gone by Wednesday. If it's gone, I'll play. If not, I'll sit it out."
Haywood said he would not have been able to play if the Wiz had a game tonight. If he can't go, James Lang will be the backup behind Booth.

Honestly, I was worried it would be worse, but any time Etan Thomas gets hurt, it's cause for concern.  It sounds like there's a pretty good chance that Haywood will be back by Wednesday, but if he's not, the Wizards are in trouble for Wednesday, because Denver's athletic front line will post a lot of problems for Booth and Lang.  Even if Haywood were healthy, the Nuggets frontcourt would be a tough matchup.  Luckily, K-Mart is out and Nene is still hobbling, so the Wizards can afford to hide Jamison on Eduardo Najera.  

As for the healthy centers, via the DC Sports Bog, we learn James Lang likes ginger ale.

With Lang possibly in line for major minutes this week, we asked what his offensive strengths are.

"Hook shot," he said. "Dunk."

We also asked what he needed to do this week.

"Can't be nervous no more," he said.

He has nerves?

"I did my first two games; stomach was turning," he said. "Just nervous. We played Atlanta, I was just moving out of control."

I asked whether he had any ginger ale to calm his belly.

"I did, I did," he said.

"Really?" I said.

"Yeah, I did," he said.

So there you go. NBA players drink ginger ale to calm their nerves, just like bloggers.

(Note: I hate ginger ale with a passion)

Wonderful.  Ladies and gentelmen, you're second string center for the next couple games!