Washington Wizards Trades

Andre Miller trade: Pros and cons

The good news: the Wizards got an upgrade for minimal cost. The bad news: this trade would not have been necessary with better decision-making in the past.

Q&A with Denver Stiffs on Andre Miller

We ask Nate Timmons of SB Nation's Nuggets blog Denver Stiffs about new Wizard Andre Miller, whether his fallout with Brian Shaw is a concern, how he will fit in D.C. and more.

Just win, baby

For the old guard in Washington, the new season is win or die. Hence, the Marcin Gortat trade.

Fun with trades: Pau Gasol to D.C.?

It's the offseason, and that means it's time for fun and unfounded hypotheticals. I think the Wizards should try to trade for Pau Gasol. What do you think?

Trade targets: Southwest division

The trade landscape in the Southwest Division is as bare as the scenery. We review possible options as the draft approaches.

Trade targets: Pacific division

Not much for the Wiz on the West coast, but an interesting target abides in Sacramento PROTIP: it's not who you're thinking.

Trade targets: Northwest division

At first blush, there are some teams whose needs match very nicely with what the Wizards have to offer. Sadly, there isn't much they can send back.

Southeast trade targets

Today's edition of the Countdown: Bring it back to the home division and one of the more interesting trade targets available, the Orlando Magic.

Trade targets: Central division

In today's edition of the Countdown, we're moving on to the Central Division, examining possible Wizards trade targets for the No. 3 pick in the draft.

Wizards trade targets, Atlantic Division

The 3rd pick, huh? Nothing like dealing from a position of strength when trade partners call. The Wizards are looking at much more value if they elect to deal their pick, but the right offer probably isn't coming from the Atlantic Division.


Another troubling development failure

Sure, Jordan Crawford was a malcontent that threatened the chemistry to the team, but what does it say about the organization that it got to that point?

Steez to the Cs: A roundtable discussion

JCraw has flown the coop and landed in Boston. The Wiz get some cap relief in return. BULLETS FOREVER ROUND TABLE: ASSEMBLE!

A list of OkAriza alternatives

A list of players who signed contracts this summer for less than the mid-level exception that could have been pursued rather than trading for Trevor Ariza and Emeka Okafor.

Should the Wizards have traded for Harden?

Another star has been traded and all seems to be quiet in the Wizards war room

Michael Jordan Week: Tracing MJ's Impact On Today's Wizards

A comprehensive trace of Michael Jordan's personnel decisions to the the current Wizards roster. Which players on today's team are here as a direct result of His Airness's moves? How did the team change from 2003 to 2012?

Dwight Howard Trade Reminds Washington Wizards Fans About Importance Of Timing

The Dwight Howard trade should be a big reminder of the importance of timing the leverage of trade assets. For the Wizards that time is still approaching.

Wizards-Hornets Trade: Trying To Solve The Oklahoma City Model?

The Wizards-Hornets trade has massive implications for DC while also showcasing a grim commitment to starting the slow climb out of the cellar no matter the cost. There's not much to love about the trade, but there's enough to like...for now.

Emeka Okafor, Trevor Ariza, The Wizards And The Never-Ending Argument

I've spent lots of time reading everyone's reaction to the big trade that sent Trevor Ariza and Emeka Okafor to the Washington Wizards for Rashard Lewis and the No. 46 pick, and this all feels so...

The Salary-Cap Implications Of The Wizards-Hornets Trade

The Washington Wizards have made a pretty big trade eight days before the 2012 NBA Draft, acquiring Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza from the New Orleans Hornets for Rashard Lewis and the No. 46 pick....

NBA Free Agency 2012: Deron Williams And The Duel Of The Fates, Part Two

Part two of examining the market for Deron Williams' free agency takes a look at the rest of the NBA aside from the Nets, Mavericks and Lakers. Mostly, it illustrates how hard to is to put the right package together.

NBA Free Agency 2012: Deron Williams And The Duel Of The Fates, Part One

Free agent markets are often shaped from the top down; the big fish gets landed then all the little fish fall follow suit. Deron Williams is this year's white whale and it's anyone's guess who's going to play Captain Ahab between Mikhail Prokhorov, Mark Cuban and Jerry Buss; they all look a little crazy.

NBA Draft 2012: Targeting Extra Picks In Trade, Part Two

Salary cap penalties are coming and despite the deepest draft in years, teams may be scrambling to avoid guaranteed salary. The field of the lower to mid-first round is wide open, which should be just the way Wizards General Manager Ernie Grunfeld likes it.

NBA Draft 2012: Targeting Extra Picks In Trades, Part One

Welp, the draft order is set and the clamor amongst fans for the Wizards to acquire more first round picks has begun. As usual, the price looks to be steep and that's supposing Ted & Co. are looking to buy, part one of two.

2012 NBA Trade Rumors: A Primer To The Washington Wizard's Prospects

If all the Washington Wizards have to trade is Rashard Lewis, 'the plan is to be GOOD' and 'we are done acquiring draft picks...the trade options shall not overwhlem anyone with abundance. Still, it's worth a quick look to see which teams could grease a trade that improves the roster for Lewis and second round draft pick or two.

2012 NBA Player Market: Rashard Lewis' Trade Value

Rashard Lewis' expiring $22 million deal holds a lot of cap relief and is the Wizards' most attractive trade chip, in theory. In practice and in the brave new world of amenstied players, using such a trade chip is probably more complicated than you might first think.

NBA Trade Deadline 2012: Losing The Game? Change The Rules!

The rebuild in Washington was losing steam and free agency loomed for UFA Nick Young and RFA JaVale McGee; uncertain contributors set to command significant contracts. Losing the game, Ernie Grunfeld changed the rules.

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