Washington Wizards Trade Rumors

Trade rumors about the Washington Wizards.

Ariza asking for $12M, Wiz want him for $9M


The standoff between the Wizards and Trevor Ariza continues. The Wizards want to keep him, but not for the price Ariza is currently seeking.

Are Wiz a 'stealth candidate' for Love?


That's the latest rumor, if you can even call it that. Nevertheless, it's cool that a star player actually may like this organization.

Wiz acquire Miller for Vesely, Maynor, 2nd-rounder


The backup point guard spot is filled.

Wall, Beal don't think Wiz need to make any moves


We'll see if the general manager agrees.

RUMOR: Wizards pursuing Deng?


This would be quite the stunner.

RUMOR: Wizards "in lead" to land Andre Miller


Andre Miller wants out of Denver, and it looks like the Wizards and Timberwolves might be the preferred destinations.

RUMOR: Wizards still pursuing Udrih


Probably pursuing him too much if the most recent rumor is true, if we're being honest.

Hoping for magic


The Wizards GM has painted both himself and the franchise into a corner as the trade deadline approaches. Stagnancy looms large and heavy lies the crown in D.C.

More backup PG candidates emerge


Andre Miller and Luke Ridnour appear to be the top targets, but two other names may be backup plans in the Wizards' desire to find another point guard.

Make your trade deadline predictions


What do we think is going to happen in the next couple days?


RUMOR: Wiz 'expected' to work out Beaubois


The former Mavericks point guard is finally healthy, and the Wizards seem interested in working him out.

RUMOR: Wiz asked about Luke Ridnour


Add another name to the backup PG list.

Udrih, Miller among reported Wizards' targets


Two names have emerged as rumored Wizards targets in their attempt to upgrade their backup point guard position.

Why a major move seems unlikely


A long look at the Wizards' situation heading into the deadline, which explains why a big move isn't likely to happen.

RUMOR: Wiz searching for backup PG?


The Wizards appear to be on the lookout for a backup point guard, but don't think they'll be able to find one, according to one rumor.

Is Marcin in Washington's future?


One rumor suggests the Wizards will make it a top priority to re-sign the former Suns center this summer.

RUMOR: Wiz pursuing Monroe?


One report suggests the Wizards are definitely going to pursue the fourth-year Pistons forward, whether via trade or free agency.

Will the Wiz make another deal?


Will trade season be quiet in Washington? Or will we see some changes coming to this ever-changing team?

Is now the time to trade Ariza?


The veteran is having the best season of his career and is a key part of the Wizards' roster ... but he's an impending free agent and plays the same position as their first-round pick. So ......

Report: Wiz tried trading for Asik, were rejected


Needing a center after Emeka Okafor's injury, the Wizards reportedly tried making a deal with the Rockets for Omer Asik, but were rebuffed when the Rockets didn't want Okafor back.

Your first 'Durant to D.C.' semi-rumor


OK, it's not really a rumor, but the NBA's pre-eminent news breaker throws out the Wizards as a possibility for the Thunder star if he leaves Oklahoma City when his contract is up in three years.

A wacky, PTI-style Porter/Noel debate


A quick (and hopefully humorous) dip into the counter-factual as a reminder to keep from going off the deep end on your fellow dewd.

Woj: Magic may trade down from No. 2


It'll be interesting to see who is looking to move up and whether they are doing so to get Otto Porter or Anthony Bennett.

No. 3 + Okafor for Deng?


The Wizards have reportedly discussed a deal that would send Emeka Okafor and the No. 3 pick to the Chicago Bulls for two-time All-Star forward Luol Deng.

There's an Ilyasova for No. 3 rumor out there


A Milwaukee reporter passed along a rumor that the Wizards and Bucks have discussed a deal involving Ersan Ilyasova for the No. 3 pick. But this rumor doesn't seem that serious.


How I came to peace with the Crawford trade

One fan comes to terms with the Wizards' deal.

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