Washington Wizards Team Analysis

Better shot distribution is a must


The Wizards pass well and have spots where they shoot well. The trick is generating a lot of attempts from the right spots.

Will the Wizards still be a Top Defensive Team?


We covered how losing Trevor Ariza in free agency could improve the offense, now we break down how the Wizards will look on the other end of the floor. Can Randy Wittman adjust to life without his...

The offense should look different


Losing Trevor Ariza in free agency may hurt the Wizards on defense, but there's plenty of ways in which they can now improve on offense.

How the Wizards could stop the Cavs


The Cleveland Cavaliers made a few changes. Will the Washington Wizards be able to go toe-to-toe with Lebron and Co. without drastically altering their defensive schemes?

The best home games of the season


We hope you attend all 41, but we know that's unrealistic for many people. Thus, now that the Wizards' 2014-15 schedule is out, here are the 15 games you should prioritize.

In 12 months, the Wizards will be...


We envision the key moments in the Wizards' next 12 months. Spoiler alert: good things happen.

2013-14 Pivotal Moments: Game 5 vs. the Pacers


Marcin Gortat and John Wall didn't let the pressure of playing in an elimination game get to them as they led the Wizards to a blowout win over the Pacers.

2013-14 Pivotal Moments: Free Nene


The national media thought the Wizards couldn't do it without Nene. But they did, in dominating fashion.

2013-14 Pivotal Moments: Sweeping the Nets


A game on March 15 played a pivotal role to determine the Wizards' playoff seeding, and perhaps whether they could have advanced to the first round of the playoffs.

2013-14 Pivotal Moments: All-Star February


John Wall and Bradley Beal had a great All-Star weekend. This helped get the Wizards on the national scene for good reason.


2013-14 Pivotal Moments: January's 8-man rotation


The eight-man rotation that Wizards coach Randy Wittman ran for much of January 2014 signaled that the team had significant depth issues, and needed more reliable veteran help. Without the...

2013-14 Pivotal Moments: Ariza becomes untradeable


During December 2013, Bradley Beal was injured, Martell Webster was inconsistent, and Otto Porter was just not ready for rotation minutes. It was also the time when Trevor Ariza became an essential...

2013-14 Pivotal Moments: The Players' Only Meeting


In November, the Wizards held an early season players'-only meeting before their November 19 game against the Timberwolves. Without the meeting at that time, could the Wizards still have had the...

2013-14 Pivotal Moments: Gortat arrives in October


Let's take a look at a pivotal moment during each month of the season that was. First up: Marcin Gortat's arrival in October.

Should NBA players still be in FIBA competitions?


In light of Paul George's injury, some may wonder if they should participate at all. However, injuries happen anytime, anywhere, and the players are on international teams to represent their...

The Wizards and Mystics both have 2016 dreams


We talked a lot about one NBA player from the D.C. area being on the Wizards. But the Mystics could also have a big time player of their own in 2016.

Pierce diversifies the Wizards' offense


The Wizards will probably shoot lots of mid-range shots again next year. Here's how their offense can get better even with the same shot distribution.

Could the Wizards be headed toward mediocrity in the future?


No, they aren't headed in that direction just yet. But if the Wizards cannot emerge as one of the top teams in the East over the next several years, it is certainly possible.

Taking stock of the East


Now that most big moves have been made, where do the Wizards rank?

Do the Wizards have too many big men?


It's a weird thing to say, but have the Wizards loaded up on their frontcourt too much at the expense of other positions?

Who can round out the end of the bench?


With Washington using their remaining cap space on the likes of Kris Humphries and DeJuan Blair, they'll need to fill out the end of the bench with players that can be had cheap. Here's a few of...

With Pierce signing, Wittman's now under pressure


With Paul Pierce signing with the Wizards, the pieces are in place for Washington to make it back to the playoffs. The pressure is now firmly on Randy Wittman to make it al work.

How Ariza's situation is like Hughes' in '05


Nine years ago, the Wizards were outbid for an essential member of a second-round playoff team. It could happen again in 2014, and if so, they can recover like they did then.

Can Wiz really rest Wall and Beal more?


Washington will look to give Otto Porter and Glen Rice Jr more playing time, but at what cost? Can they follow through on their goal of giving John Wall and Bradley Beal more of a blow next season.

Will Gortat age well?


The biggest concern of Marcin Gortat's new five-year deal is how we'll he'll age given that he's turning 31 next season. We consider the chances that the Polish big man maintains his production...

The many ripple effects of Webster's injury


Martell Webster's back injury puts a lot of pressure on management this offseason. We take a look at what this means for Trevor Ariza's free agency and Otto Porter's development.

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