Washington Wizards Team Analysis

Wizards win with the quality symphonic

Game one of Wizards-Bulls is in the books, and the Washington grinded out a tough victory that has every high school coach in the country nodding and reaching for their copy of Hoosiers.


Marcin Gortat: Just what John Wall needed

Watch four minutes of this tandem shredding teams in the pick and roll.

The Wizards still miss Nene

The Wizards have managed to string together a few wins since the injury to Nene on February 23, but there are still areas where they badly miss the Big Brazilian.

Third quarter solution? More chill, bruh

While that third quarter in Milwaukee was one of the ugliest stretched fans have witnessed since John Wall came to town, watching the Wiz Kids surrender big leads is a depressingly regular sight. Perhaps it's a case of mistaken identity.

How Ernie Grunfeld should be judged

It's not about his performance this year; it's about whether he is the right man to maximize the team's assets for the future.

Can the Wizards maintain their playoff seed?

Are the Wizards in danger of missing the playoffs? Probably not, but falling to No. 7 or No. 8 seems like a decent possibility. The good news? The schedule is pretty easy.

Surviving Nene's absence

Nene will be out of action for the next six weeks due to a sprained left MCL. How will the Washington Wizards adjust until he returns?

We grade the Miller trade

Better late than never, here are our grades for the Andre Miller deal.

How Miller fits in

Even at the age of 38, Andre Miller has still proven to be a productive point guard capable of running an efficient offense. But how does he fit in Washington, and where might he struggle? We break it down here.

Andre Miller trade: Pros and cons

The good news: the Wizards got an upgrade for minimal cost. The bad news: this trade would not have been necessary with better decision-making in the past.


Hoping for magic

The Wizards GM has painted both himself and the franchise into a corner as the trade deadline approaches. Stagnancy looms large and heavy lies the crown in D.C.

Breaking down the season-ticket price increases

Today, Monumental Sports started selling 2014-2015 season tickets for the Washington Wizards. Prices have been raised in most locations and kept flat in some others. We break the changes down and wonder whether it was too much too soon.

H2Owned: How the Wiz iced the Splash Brothers

The Wizards went back to their roots on Tuesday night and played stifling defense against the Warriors by holding the backcourt of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson to just 13-40 shooting.

The half-court offense is a train wreck

The Wizards' half-court offense has struggled throughout the year, but in Wednesday night's defeat at the hands of the Boston Celtics, it fell to new lows. What exactly went wrong?

8-man rotation is dangerous

The Wizards have shortened their rotation and picked up a couple wins in the process, but is this the kind of thing that'll cost them down the road?

2014: A year with new challenges

The Wizards had a good year last year, but to keep improving, they must address different questions next year.

Gortat unhappy about his role

The Wizards' center spoke out about being used too far from the basket after the Wizards' 113-97 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers on Saturday.

How should Beal's minutes be managed?

Bradley Beal is likely to return soon, but when he does, how can the Wizards lessen the load he carries and keep him healthy.

The Eric Maynor problem

Washington's backup point guard is struggling mightily, and it'll take a massive improvement for him to be the kind of presence the Wizards hoped. In the meantime, what can the Wizards do to compensate?

How will Otto Porter's debut affect the Wizards?

The Wizards' rookie small forward is set to finally make his NBA debut any day now. What can be expected from him and how will it change the team?

The 'Seattle model' revisited

The Wizards aren't really following the Oklahoma City model for rebuilding. Instead, they've augmented their best young players with capable veterans, much like the old Oklahoma City franchise did years ago.

Easing up

Here are some suggestions for how to manage the quiet portion of the schedule.

Ideas for improving the bench

The Wizards have a great starting lineup and no depth. Is there anything that can be done to fix the bench?

The search for balance

Finding an equilibrium between being aggressive while also making defenses pay for not respecting his perimeter shot has been difficult for John Wall in the four-year career. Was Tuesday's win over the Timberwolves a turning point?

Bench issues aren't Wittman's fault

The Wizards' bench has struggled this season not because of rotation mismanagement, but because of a lack of talent.


Watch the Wizards make a team record 18 threes

The Wizards notched their first win of the season thanks to the best three-point shooting performance in the team's history.

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