Washington Wizards Statistical Analysis

What are the Wizards? A statistical profile


Twenty-nine games in, what do we know about the 2013-14 Wizards? A lot, actually.

Ideas for improving the bench


The Wizards have a great starting lineup and no depth. Is there anything that can be done to fix the bench?

An identity shift?


After establishing themselves as a hard-nosed defensive team that has to scrap and claw for every bucket, the Washington Wizards are scoring at their best rate since Gilbert Arenas was healthy. Has...

Does the John Wall effect exist?


How were the Wizards such a solid three-point shooting team last year? Is it because of John Wall? More importantly, why were they still such a bad offensive team despite this strength?

How much does Okafor mean to the defense?


The more expensive half of Okariza has been at the center of Washington's defensive resurgence. Just how much does the team rely on him, though?

Cap implications of Crawford trade


What does the Jordan Crawford trade mean for the Wizards' future salary-cap number? We break down the numbers.

The statistical impact of Wall's return


Clearly, Wall has made the Wizards better since his return, but you might be surprised where and how Wall has helped the Wizards the most.

What happened to the 6th man of tomorrow?


Jordan Crawford has struggled since John Wall returned to action. Why has he struggled, and what can he do to get back on track?

Can the Wizards' transition game keep up?


The Washington Wizards have blitzed the Magic and Hawks with an up-tempo offense that has looked better than anything the team has fielded in years. Can Washington keep this up, and what will be...


The 2012-13 Wizards: Bad at every position

A brief reminder that, despite the optimism surrounding the return of John Wall, this is still a very bad team.


Is there hope for AirWolf?


Washington Wizards forward Jan Vesely has struggled mightily this year. Is there any hope for Ostrava's finest?

Where does John Wall rank among number 1 picks?


Is the young Wizard on track to live up to his draft billing?

Hollinger projecting big season for Wall


If Wall can recover from his knee injury and put up the numbers John Hollinger is projecting, it will be a season for the ages.

The Wizards And Corner Threes

John Wall led the NBA in most corner three-point assists last year. Why this matters.

John Wall And The Perfect Pick And Roll Lineup

John Wall struggled with the pick and roll last year, but a few line up tweaks could help. Here's what the Washington Wizards can do to make sure he excels next year.

The Washington Wizards And 3-Point Shooting


Three-point shooting is arguably more important than ever in today's NBA, and it's a weakness of the Wizards.

Kevin Seraphin: The Man in the Middle?


Could Wizards' big man Kevin Seraphin start in the middle for an elite team?

John Wall's Improving Jump Shot


There have been a lot of references to John Wall's improved jump shot recently, with Wall himself saying several times that he feels more confident. I just wanted to put those numbers into some...

The Wizards' preseason, by the numbers


Crunching some numbers on the 2010-11 Washington Wizards preseason.

Yi Jianlian needs to take a step back


I'll be honest: I'm not that enthused about Yi Jianlian next year.  It's not his fault, and I understand the Wizards essentially got him for free, but I'm really not impressed by his game.  Thus...

The Wizards' offense has been pretty bad recently


I know, I know, this is kind of the understatement of the century, but I hadn't realized just how terribly our offense has been since the trades until friend of the site Kevin Broom...

Studying The Wizards' Big Three Approach, Part 1: Where lack of depth hurt more than you'd think


Editor's Note, by bwoodsxyz: This is the first installment in what I expect to be an occasional series on NBA team construction.  This column takes a look back at the Big 3 concept that was used in...

Analyzing the Basketball Portion of the Brendan Haywood-Drew Gooden Trade


As I'm writing this, we're all still checking the rumors, waiting for the other shoe to drop on the trade front.  Or not.  Or is it shoes, plural?  In the meantime, let's take a look at the trade...

When "Close" Is Really Far Away


There has developed a notion around this Wizards team that their season has perhaps been derailed as much by an inability to "win close games" as by suspension, injury, or just generally not being...

The Strange Case of Javale McGee's Defense


Last week, we featured some of Brendan Haywood's very impressive defensive numbers, and also mentioned some of those posted by Andray Blatche.  But what about the team's very young big-man...

Profiling Brendan Haywood's Defense, By the Numbers


Editor's Note: This is bwoodsxyz's latest. We had to delay it due to Arenas mania, and he had computer issues so he asked me to post it. -Mike It has taken years, but Brendan Haywood has started...

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