Washington Wizards Polls

VOTE: Who should go No. 3


Time to put this thing to a vote.

Poll: Who Should Be Wizards Next Head Coach?


With the Shakespeare play that is currently being performed in Orlando, many are wondering if Stan Van Gundy's days in the Magic Kingdom are numbered. The Wizards can only hope that drama plays out...

POLL: Who Should The Washington Wizards Draft?


With the Final Four being this weekend, I figure it's time to update the poll on the side of the site. So, here goes.

New Poll On JaVale McGee's Future In D.C.


It's been far too long since I actually updated the poll on the right side of the site, so there's a new one that I figure can remain there for a while. Scroll down to the right to view or just...

Poll: The Divisiveness of the JaVale McGee Dunk


Obviously, the JaVale McGee dunk has begun to overshadow everything else surrounding the Washington Wizards. Opinion, both within the team as well as the community of Washington Wizards fans...

POLL: Rate The New Washington Wizards Jerseys


Let's keep this one simple. 

2010-11 Wizards Season-Ending Awards: Game of the Year


In probably the tightest vote I've seen in a while, Gilbert Arenas' quote explaining why he pooped in Andray Blatche's shoe wins the 2010/11 Wizards Quote of the Year by two votes over Ron Artest's...

2010-11 Wizards Season-Ending Awards: Quote of the Year


In our previous edition, Nick Young's 360 layup won out as the Wizards' 2010-11 Play of the Year.  Now, we'll focus on a more irreverent category: the "Quote of the Year." Here, I'll leave the...

2010-11 Wizards Season Awards: Play Of The Year


What was the Wizards' best play of the year?

Off Day Poll: The Return of Yi Jianlian


Ever since the first Clippers debacle, several Wizards have stepped up their games and have attempted to make the last few games of the season more enjoyable for both the team as well as those...


POLL: Is Blake Griffin A True Rookie?


How much did Blake Griffin's year rehabbing in an NBA setting help him this season?

Which Wizards Starting Lineup Would You Prefer To See Tonight?


Some food for thought preceding tonight's game against Detroit. With the news that Trevor Booker was considered for the start against Minnesota, which starting lineup would you prefer to take the...

Quick Poll: Does Flip Saunders Need To Be More Demonstrative?


As I sat there and watched the Wizards get run out of their own building again, and as I watched the FT disparity pile up and Ron Artest shove Nick Young around the court I began to wonder whether...

Poll - How Important Is A Win Tonight Over The Sacramento Kings?


If tonight's tilt between the Washington Wizards and the Sacramento Kings were a comic book, it would be a battle between the Juggernaut and the Blob, the unstoppable force meeting the immovable...

Poll - How Important Is It To Beat Miami?


It is time for everyone to assemble. Sometimes there are momentous occasions that are so important in their size and scope that they can unite a fractured community against one common enemy....

Poll - Is It Time To Audition Trevor Booker And Kevin Seraphin?


Over the course of the last two games it appears that Flip Saunders has been attempting to shorten his bench. One has seen much less time for both Hilton Armstrong and Nick Young as Saunders...

The Washington 'Anything But Sea Dogs': Team Nickname Ideas


The Washington 'Anything But Sea Dogs'. What should the new nickname for the Washington Wizards be?

2009/10 BF Wizards season-ending awards: Play of the Year


Vote for the top play of the Wizards' 2009/10 season.

Once again, it's time to cast your ballots


Taking a look back at some poor predictions from last season, and looking forward to this year's draft.

Is there any team that had a worse season than the Wizards?


So I was out with one of my girlfriends' friends last night, and since he's a sports fan, I naturally started complaining about how I just went through one of the worst seasons of all time as a...

Should Andray Blatche be blamed for last night's loss?


I still haven't watched most of last night's game (blame Matzah), but a lot of people have been killing Andray Blatche for his performance last night, despite putting up some big numbers. Kelly...

Poll: Was Flip Saunders out of line to criticize Andray Blatche for his altercation with Kevin Garnett?


I've been thinking about this all day, so I figured I'd poll the community.  Once again, here's what Flip Saunders said about Andray Blatche and his altercation with Kevin Garnett. "Dray is...

Simple poll: Who needs to get moved first


I've already talked about Antawn Jamison, and I'll have more on Caron Butler soon (hopefully by later today), but to pass the time between the two, a simple poll. 

Pollin': Will Captain Quirk be a Captain?


Gilbert has taken steps to assert himself as a leader under coach Flip Saunders

Pollin': Contract Renewal


In last week's poll, 31% of you voted that DeShawn Stevenson would be hurt the most by the loss of Eddie Jordan and leaving the Princeton offense.  This week, we shift our attention from one...

Pollin': The Jordan Effect


Which Wizard will be hurt the most as the team moves away from the Princeton offense?

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