Playoff Pixels: .........WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!

Seriously, is this real life??

Breakfast Bullet-in: Wait, the Wiz are up 2-0??

This morning's Breakfast Bullet-in comes with a nice side of WINNING PLAYOFF GAMES ON THE ROAD

Playoff Pixels: #doubleblessed Wiz steal homecourt

Fueled by Nene's #doubleblessed ascension on Easter Sunday, the Wizards beat the Bulls at their own game and stole away Chicago's homecourt advantage with a gritty 102-93 win in Game 1 of their Eastern Conference playoff series.

Wizards win with the quality symphonic

Game one of Wizards-Bulls is in the books, and the Washington grinded out a tough victory that has every high school coach in the country nodding and reaching for their copy of Hoosiers.

Most predictions have Bulls in 6

Here are as many predictions for Bulls-Wizards that I could find.

Can Wittman change the narrative?

Randy Wittman has overcome some obstacles this season, but if he ever wants to be known for anything more than just a retread head coach, he'll have to hold his own against the great Tom Thibodeau. Can he do it?

Time to get hyped

While a long playoff run will help generate attention, creating buzz about the Wizards' postseason trip is also a two way street. What can we do to help?

Bring on the playoffs

The more important thing is that the Wizards are in the playoffs. The opportunity is the same no matter who they play.

Brunch Bullet-In: Hail to the Wizards

Do you think Andre Miller could back up RG3? Would Beal make a good wideout? Who the heck are the Wizards playing in the playoffs?

Magical Pixels: Wiz rout Heat, nearly clinch 6th

Well, the Wizards did their part by steamrolling the indifferent Heat, but the stupid Hawks didn't hold up their end of the bargain.


Every single Wizards playoff scenario

What's at stake in the final week of the season.

Magical Pixels: Wiz take care of business

The Wizards secured a winning record and held onto the sixth seed with a 104-91 win over the moribund Bucks.

Magical Pixels: Wiz surrender 6th seed to Cats

The Wizards deemed their Battle For The Sixth Seed against the Bobcats the most important game of the season, but they certainly didn't treat it that way.

The biggest games in Wiz-Bobcats history

No question that Wednesday's game is the biggest game ever played between these two. But before Wednesday's key meeting, we take a look at some of their other great battles.

April Madness!

The NCAA tournament might be over, but we can't stop thinking about how the Wizards would fare in a single-elimination tournament against the NBA's best.

Would the No. 7 seed be so bad?

Given how the Indiana Pacers have collapsed, the question must be asked.

Magical Pixels: Do we really have to relive this?

The Wizards got blown out by the Bulls, 96-78. We'll just leave it at that.

Magical Pixels: Getting hot at the right time?

Bradley Beal saved the Wizards' bacon against the Knicks with a cold-blooded jumper in the waning moments. Big Panda seemed to struggle with his shot for so long, we all might have forgotten just how awesome he is when he's stroking it.

A little bit of Otto

Otto's been glued to the bench all year, but that's not totally his fault. But when he was given the chance to play against the Celtics on Wednesday, he put on quite a show for fans in his few minutes on the floor.



Breakfast Bullet-in: PLAYOFFS

The Wizards are back in the playoffs for the first time in six years. And thank god, because I did not want to redo that photo.

Wall's star power

How will John Wall's growth as a player impact the Wizards' summer plans?

Will the Nats play ball with the Wizards?

With baseball season back in full swing (#nailedit), will the Nationals once again overshadow the Wizards? Do the Wizards' playoff hopes predict a better fandom fate? Does a rising tide lift all boats?

How does Nene fit back into the rotation?

Nene will be back soon, but how do the Wizards slip him back in without messing up the chemistry their other lineups have developed?

Magical Pixels: Wiz almost slip on slick court

Because the floor was wet with NHL ice, you see.

Magical Pixels: Wiz ride defense to improbable win

Well, that was unexpected.

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