Washington Wizards Coaching Analysis

Analysis of Washington Wizards coaching and psychology.

So much for the "Gilbert Arenas will have the ball in his hands all the time" offense


This is a couple days old, but I've been swamped with SBNation.com stuff, so I missed it until now.  Needless to say, this is a really, really interesting quote from Flip Saunders (emphasis mine). ...

The Wizards' new offense is working. Why didn't we see it earlier?


If you've watched the Wizards' offensive sets in recent games closely, you might notice that they look, well, a little different.  That's because Flip Saunders put in what he's calling a "new...

Flip Saunders deserves blame for the on-court selfishness, but the GM deserves more


There's been a lot of talk recently about the Wizards' on-court selfishness.  As John Hollinger noted in his midseason disappointments column, the Wizards are currently 29th in the league in assist...

Getting involved in ESPN Insider's "Submit a play" contest


Everyone's first reaction to the news that ESPN Insider is running a contest where you can submit an inbounds play for the Wizards to run during a game should be to mock it.  Hey, we're 7-15, and...

Smoke and mirrors: Flip Saunders wants Gilbert Arenas to play more up-tempo


I missed practice yesterday, but according to Michael Lee, Flip Saunders had a message for Gilbert Arenas. "We haven't had as much of a thrust with the ball," Saunders said. "We want [Arenas]to be...

The Hawk Set - Isolation Plays


In this series - we'll explore some of the basic plays that can be initiated by the Hawk set.Previously: The Hawk Set - plays for shooters The Hawk Set - Post up plays The Hawk Set - Pick and...

It's Too Early to be Benching Players


Mike James didn't get any playing time in the Wizards' first preseason game. Bad idea?

Notes from the last couple days of training camp


Real quick, before I listen through the tape. Gilbert Arenas' knee looked fine today in the brief time we were able to see him.  Flip Saunders says he's progressing well there and that part of...

Something is wrong


One thing I have noticed so far from the Wizard's Training camp - and I've been following just about EVERY venue and source I can get my hands on - is that it seems like everything is flowing...

Notes from Day 2 of Washington Wizards Training Camp


Notes from Day 2 of Washington Wizards training camp.

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