Washington Wizards Coaching Analysis

Analysis of Washington Wizards coaching and psychology.

Did Wittman do enough to merit an extension?


We finally saw what this coach could do with a (relatively) healthy roster all year. Was it enough to warrant his new deal?

Otto Porter is Wittman's next challenge


After a highly successful postseason run, Randy Wittman was rewarded with a new three-year deal to remain head coach of the Washington Wizards. Now is time to build on that success, and it starts...

Bench issues aren't Wittman's fault


The Wizards' bench has struggled this season not because of rotation mismanagement, but because of a lack of talent.

Lack of ball movement is reflection on Wittman


The Wizards seen their fortunes turn south yet again, thanks in part to an offense that has lost the ball movement that carried it to success. All eyes to Randy Wittman.

Randy Wittman reaches his breaking point

The scene in the postgame press conference was the most dour we've ever seen. To say Randy Wittman was sad would be and understatement. Read some of his soul-searching below.

Meritocracies, the rotation and Randy Wittman


Randy Wittman laid the foundation for a playing time meritocracy when he benched Andray Blatche last season. A crack in that meritocracy has appeared with Trevor Ariza starting over Martell Webster...

Why Webster should start over Ariza


Why the Washington Wizards need to start Martell Webster over Trevor Ariza at small forward for the season opener.

Time to settle on a rotation


Randy Wittman has correctly used the first six preseason games to tinker with different lineup combinations, but it's time for him to settle on a rotation.

These aren't the same old Wizards


This year, the new season is truly a new start in D.C. These aren't the same old Wizards.

Crucial injuries? Rotation mayhem? Bah, this is DC


How would Wizards fans even start to deal with normalcy? For D.C. basketball aficionados, critical injuries, rotation mayhem, coaching crises and an agonized dream of the playoffs are the status...


Coaching carousel comes full circle for Wittman


The Wizards new head coach is something of a hard-nosed journeyman. For a roster built to redeem a franchise image and compete with a blue-collar mentality, that's just the right fit.

Bradley Beal Vs. Jordan Crawford: A Question Without An Answer, By Design

Should Bradley Beal or Jordan Crawford start for the Washington Wizards? Why that question doesn't matter.

Randy Wittman's Next Challenge


Much like with Ernie Grunfeld, I'm more concerned about process rather than the outcome when it comes to keeping Randy Wittman. If this is indeed a money decision, as has been reported by Michael...

Washington Wizards Coaching Search: Is Randy Wittman The New Blood You're Looking For?


The Washington Wizards are looking for a head coach for 2012/13 and beyond. Many fans are clamoring for an up and coming assistant coach, could interim head coach Randy Wittman fall in that category?

Washington Wizards And Re-establi​shing Expectatio​ns: Promising Clay Part Two


The Wizards' rebuild has been endlessly debated by their fans. But with a new coach and possibly new GM on the way to meet up with their new roster, re-establishing expectations may be in order.

Washington Wizards Coaching Search: Promising Clay


The regular season is drawing to a close and from a W-L standpoint, the Wizards have made no appreciable progress since the rebuild began. But as a head coaching vacancy looms, the Wiz have gone...

Flip Saunders, Competing Cultures, Yard Sales And The Psychology Of Institutionalized Losing


A head coach in the locker room should be like the captain on the deck of his ship at sea; the only voice. Once again, evidence of competing cultures seems to be tearing the Wizards apart, and stop...

The Flip Side: What Ducks Do On Sunday, The Necessity Of Transformational Leadership, And Winning The Wrong Way


Wicked pixels are all well and good, but when a team scores 64 points in one of their BETTER team performances, identity is obviously an issue. Flip Saunders needs to dial up the transformational...

The Flip Side: Rebuilding In The NBA, Meltdown On Ignition, Planning For Luck And A Word On Plant Husbandry


Today's edition of The Flip Side takes a look at just what Wizards fans need to see from Flip Saunders after a train wreck of a week. Now with references to gardening!

The Flip Side: Javale McGee Vs Jordan Crawford, Shot Opportunities And Hurt Feelings


Hallucinating an entire season during a lockout is difficult stuff and Bullets Forever is here to help. The Wizards just played their fictitious home opener and here's a dynamic to keep a...

Flip Saunders and Ernie Grunfeld are the right leadership to take the Wizards into the future


There's an open question with the Washington Wizards, as with any rebuilding team, as to who sits at the helm while making another run to greatness. Oddly, it's the men who sat there when the last...

A comprehensive list of alternatives to Flip Saunders next season


For fans who want to fire Flip Saunders, here's a list of possible replacements.

The Flip Side: Establishing the Head Coach's Area of Responsibility


A head coach on a rebuilding team is usually under the gun, but isolating the real issues deserving attention is tough without establishing a standard for evaluation. Will this be that report card...

Andray Blatche gives another head-scratching radio interview


No hot links today.  Instead, I'll just give this one: Andray Blatche calling into 106.7 The Fan again to defend himself for his poor play against the Knicks.  Flip Saunders called his performance...

A Knight Without Armor in a Savage Land: Internet All-Stars, The Process of Growth, and Flip Saunders is a Good Coach


Taking a look at the dynamic between a coach on a rebuilding team and the young players. Flip Saunders is getting buy-in while the Washington Wizards are coming together in a meaningful way, now...

Flip Saunders Addresses The Gilbert Arenas Trade To The Orlando Magic


Flip held his pregame presser on the floor and the questions were a bit different from usual. On the trade:We're in a total rebuild. We're in a situation where three of our top players play the...

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