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Wittman's two crucial in-game adjustments

Wizards coach Randy Wittman once again came out on top against Tom Thibodeau with a brilliant game plan in the fourth quarter. We explore two tweaks that really turned the tide.

What adjustments might we see?

Will we see major changes from Tom Thibodeau's squad? Here's what we think after watching the film.

Nene throws Bulls' gameplan in their faces

Washington's fourth quarter had been dreadful during the regular season as opponents buckled down and took away their three-point shooting. But in Game 1 against the Bulls, they put the ball in the hands of the Big Brazilian, and he delivered.

Wiz must keep it simple with Beal

Bradley Beal has struggled against Chicago throughout his career because he's been placed into situations he's not prepared to face. For him to stay productive in this series, the Wizards would be wise to lighten his workload a bit and keep it simple

Nene is the key to victory

If the Big Brazilian is healthy, active and engaged, the Wizards can beat the Bulls in a seven-game series. If not, they're in trouble.

This will be John Wall's biggest test

The scouting report on John Wall is simple: force him into jumpers and take away his passes into the corner. So how can he lift Washington past this Chicago team in his first-ever playoff series with a defense keying in on him?

John Wall still has areas to improve

The Wizards' star point guard has made strides this season, but he's far from a finished product.

Breaking down Beal's decisions vs. Sacramento

Why did Bradley Beal shoot so much against the Kings? Did he exhibit poor shot selection, or was he not put in the right position to succeed by his coaching staff? We break down the film.

The Wizards still miss Nene

The Wizards have managed to string together a few wins since the injury to Nene on February 23, but there are still areas where they badly miss the Big Brazilian.


Beal's dagger: A video breakdown

Bradley Beal hit the biggest shot of last night's game, but he got plenty of help from his teammates. We break it down.


Was switching the problem vs. the Spurs?

Randy Wittman suggested that one reason the Wizards lost a double-digit lead to the Spurs Wednesday was excessive switching on defense. But did the Wizards actually switch too much in the second half? If so, were the switches damaging?

H2Owned: How the Wiz iced the Splash Brothers

The Wizards went back to their roots on Tuesday night and played stifling defense against the Warriors by holding the backcourt of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson to just 13-40 shooting.

The half-court offense is a train wreck

The Wizards' half-court offense has struggled throughout the year, but in Wednesday night's defeat at the hands of the Boston Celtics, it fell to new lows. What exactly went wrong?

Breakdown: How Nene saved the day

A quick breakdown of the final Wizards defensive stand.

When a long 2 is OK

The Wizards offense has been a disappointment this season, largely due to their propensity to fire away from midrange. But there can be some good long two-pointers. We point out a couple plays where we can live with the shot.

Beal is put in bad situations

Bradley Beal's inefficient scoring is on him, but the Wizards' sets that get Beal involved don't help matters.

Stop switching

Last year's Wizards' defense was much more traditional and conservative. This year, they are trapping ball-handlers and engaging in far too many switches both on and off the ball. Maybe that's why the defense has fallen off.

Wall's D is improving

In his fourth year in the league, John Wall is emerging as a high-impact defender. What is he doing differently this season? We break it down here.

Gortat's pick and roll brilliance

The Wizards are beginning to see their trade for Marcin Gortat pay off. How much has his presence been felt in this offense led by John Wall? We break it down here.

A closer look at Wall's rising court sense

An excerpt from this week's SBNation.com column on the Wizards' point guard.

Wizards late-game execution needs work

Washington nearly blew a once 25-point lead Wednesday night in Cleveland in large part due to their offensive execution late in the ball game. What exactly went wrong, and how can it be rectified? We break it down here.

The stretch that doomed the Wizards

Was there anything to Nene's angry words towards the Wizards' young players following their collapse in San Antonio? A look at the critical stretch that cost Washington the game says yes.

How OKC corralled Wall

The Oklahoma City Thunder threw a lot of different looks at John Wall in their win over the Wizards on Sunday night. How did Wall perform under these circumstances? We break it down here.

When should Wall be shooting threes?

John Wall hit five of eight three-pointers in Wednesday's win over the 76ers and is averaging nearly five attempts per game from downtown. Is this is a good development? We discuss when it's appropriate for Wall to rise and fire from downtown.

Why is Beal struggling?

Bradley Beal has been stuck in shooting slumps like this before, so why is this one any different? Because he's forcing shots that he hasn't in the past.

How does Gortat fit in?

How quickly can Marcin Gortat fill the void left by Emeka Okafor? Where is he better? Where is he worse? We discuss these questions with a quick film breakdown.

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