Washington Wizards Player Analysis

This is why you pay stars

It doesn't really matter that John Wall got an early max contract anymore.

The team meeting that saved the season

New details have emerged about how John Wall helped get the Wizards season on track after a 2-7 start.


Beal's dagger: A video breakdown

Bradley Beal hit the biggest shot of last night's game, but he got plenty of help from his teammates. We break it down.

Bradley Beal's sampling period

What kind of a player is Bradley Beal? Is he a 3-point specialist? Is he a backup point guard? Which talents are the Wizards encouraging him to sample?

Professor Miller has paid off so far

Andre Miller was brought to Washington to rejuvenate the Wizards' abysmal second unit. So far, he's done just that.

Don't send Otto to the D-League

Why the NBA's Development League isn't the best place for Otto Porter to get on track after a rough rookie season.

Time for Booker, Seraphin to shine

Restricted free agency approaches as the franchise gears up for the playoffs for the first time since the 2007-08 season, and the stakes couldn't be higher for the Wizards' two young big men.

Surviving Nene's absence

Nene will be out of action for the next six weeks due to a sprained left MCL. How will the Washington Wizards adjust until he returns?

Farewell to the NBA's Tobias Funke

Looking back at Jan Vesely's time in D.C., it's clear that he was the basketball version of one of Arrested Development's funniest characters.

How Miller fits in

Even at the age of 38, Andre Miller has still proven to be a productive point guard capable of running an efficient offense. But how does he fit in Washington, and where might he struggle? We break it down here.


Watch Beal's career-best performace vs. Memphis

Beal's 37 may not have been enough to lift Washington to a win, but it was a pleasure to watch, and put him in some elite company.

Being a young PG isn't easy

Now may be a good time to pile on Kyrie Irving, but keep in mind the parallels between he and John Wall at the same age.

The impact of Wall's All-Star moment

John Wall should be named an Eastern Conference All-Star shortly, and if he does as expected, it'll just be one more step in the Wizards' return to relevance.

Start Jan?

Jan Vesely's strong recent play should at least raise the question.

Beal is put in bad situations

Bradley Beal's inefficient scoring is on him, but the Wizards' sets that get Beal involved don't help matters.

It gets ugly without Nene

The Washington Wizards have struggled mightily without Nene since he's been here, and that's really not surprising. But just how bad has it been? Pretty rough.

How should Beal's minutes be managed?

Bradley Beal is likely to return soon, but when he does, how can the Wizards lessen the load he carries and keep him healthy.

Is now the time to trade Ariza?

The veteran is having the best season of his career and is a key part of the Wizards' roster ... but he's an impending free agent and plays the same position as their first-round pick. So ... what's the best course?

A closer look at Wall's rising court sense

An excerpt from this week's SBNation.com column on the Wizards' point guard.

Seraphin's big chance

Emeka Okafor's injury opens the door for Kevin Seraphin to show the fruits of his offseason labor. Will Seraphin be able to take advantage?

Can Wall keep shooting this well?

John Wall made significant strides as a shooter last year, but how can he replicate that success for a full 82-game season?

CWebb: The Most Hyped Bullet/Wizard?

SB Nation is doing another theme day! Today's topic: the most hyped arrival in franchise history. With apologies to John Wall, Michael Jordan and Nick Young's barber, we selected current talking head and former franchise player Chris Webber.

Vesely, Satoransky begin Eurobasket journey

Basketball is here! Well, at least for the two Czech members of the Washington Wizards.

Summer Checklist: Chris Singleton

Chris Singleton was touted as a lockdown defender coming out of the draft. What does he have to do in training camp to live up to that potential?

How valuable is Ariza?

How badly do the Wizards need Trevor Ariza to be successful next season? Should the Wizards hold on to him through the season? How important are his contributions?

Can Beal be a star?

The Wizards don't have a sure thing in their shooting guard, but a shot at greatness may be enough.

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