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nbadraft.net has the Wiz picking #1 overall


Just thought this was interesting, they updated the projected order or this upcoming draft and we're projected with the #1 pick. Andre Drummond tho? Not sure about that.

NBA All Athlete Team


John Wall comes in at 4 on this list. What do you guys think? Is John one of the top 5 athletes in the NBA?

Wizards win big in 2011 NBA Draft!


It's been a while since the Wizards have been an NBA powerhouse. Well, after Thursday's NBA Draft that day may be just down the road. With the addition of Jan Vesely and Chris Singleton, Washington could be looking towards the playoffs a lot sooner than anyone expected

Washington Wizards: The Team of the Future No One Is Talking About


A comparison of the Bulls rebuild to the Wizards recently linked approvingly on Ted's Take in a post called "I Like This One". The quote that caught my attention: -------------------- "What exactly did Chicago management do that was so special? It was also more of what they did not do. At the end of the 2008-2009 season, as mentioned above, the Chicago Bulls improved by a solid 9 games and made the playoffs almost shocking the defending Champion Boston Celtics in the first round. Many executives, following a similar season, would have ensured that their entire roster remain intact, especially those younger players, regardless of the costs. Especially if that player led the team in scoring and was only 25 years young. I am speaking of course of Ben Gordon." -------------------------------------------- hmmmm....

Funny Article on Wiz vs Cavs


Might as well find some humor in these streaks...

Washington Times: Flip Saunders "a done deal"


Well, that was quick. Thanks to Mike Jones for the heads-up (got an e-mail from him after he posted that). UPDATE: More coverage from Mike Jones and from Michael Lee, who says that Flip will be bringing on Sam Cassell as an assistant.

Time for Pollin to Sell the Wizards


Wiz owner Abe Pollin needs to fulfill the promise he made almost 10 years ago to sell the team to Ted Leonsis. [NBCWashington.com]

Hikikomori is the New Hibachi


Arenas' lips are uncharacteristically sealed.

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