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Watch out! John Wall is coming down the street


Kinda funny article, although I dig the devotion.

Tapping Wizards' Potential


Good read. Not that many discussions on BF forums don't tread around the same material.

Team G - Impact CTS


Team G John Wall Nick Young Jordan Crawford Shelvin Mack Desmon Farmer Terrico White Rashard Lewis (Week 2) Larry Owens Marcus Banks Small Ball!

Flip Saunders gets no respect at airports


A fan shares a story about seeing Flip Saunders getting some extra treatment from TSA, recently at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport.

Wizards ranked 26th best team in NBA by ESPN


The link only works if you have Insider. The rankings are done by Chris Broussard, who doesn't really give an explanation for his low ranking- only vaguely mentioning that Gilbert Arenas could "ruin the season."

Plead to Leonsis - Whatever It Takes, Get Kevin Pritchard


Is there anyone who agrees with me that, if the Paul Allen does not want Kevin Pritchard, we have to do ANYTHING within Ted Leonsis' power to get him?

Antawn Jamison heading to Miami


In a otherwise dismal year for the Wizards, this deal makes sense in that it produces tons of expiring contracts for the Wizards!

Learning More About Your Potential Wizards


Did you know that Channing Frye once scored a career high 30 points (one of three such 30 pt. occasions), in a win against the Wizards when he was with the Knicks? And that this happened to occur on Gilbert Arenas' birthday?

Eddie Jordan's Name "Thrown Around" in Philly

Former Wizards coach Eddie Jordan's name has been thrown around. He worked for Ed Stefanski with the Nets. Some sources close to the team say the Sixers need a coach who commands respect, is a former player but not a player's coach, and is more strict than former Sixers coach Maurice Cheeks. Someone similar in style to Pistons coach Michael Curry. via Kate Fagan, Philly Inquirer h/t SacTown Royalty

JaVale McGee on Twitter?

Mike James the first Wizard on Twitter? Perhaps not. According to the 'When Did I Start Twitter?' tool, James signed up on Saturday, April 18th. But young JaVale McGee AKA @bigdaddywookie came on board the Twit train on Tuesday, March 17th. You won't learn much from JaVale's updates, as his account is protected. But I will tell you that "they" call him Sleepy Johnson. Wanna follow other NBA players? Check out the @NBAPlayers twitter account and site. Remember, if you want to follow Bullets Forever, Jake, or myself, just follow the links. If you have a Twitter account, drop it in the comments section. Sometime in the future, I'll put together a 'Suggested Twitterers' post, and would love to include all those in the Bullets Forever community. ALSO: Bullets Forever, along with all the other SB Nation blogs are in a competition to see who can get 5000 followers first, if you need another incentive to get on Twitter.
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