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On hype, fan involvement and John Wall's introductory event Friday


Why the cynicism expressed by several media members about John Wall's introduction event misses the point.

Wizards acquire Wall, Hinrich, Seraphin, Booker and Ndiaye


The selection of John Wall by itself would have been enough to generate enough reaction to fill out a post and then some. Adding in two trades to net three more picks and a veteran? Yep, that will...

And So It Begins...


To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time JaVale McGee and John Wall have made contact with one another. Hopefully, this is the start of a beautiful relationship, full of alley-oops and...

John Wall workout impressions: He loves basketball


Notes and quotes from John Wall's workout with the Washington Wizards.

Even with John Wall, re-signing Shaun Livingston should be a high priority


As I understand it, there are two major arguments against keeping Shaun Livingston this summer: 1.  With John Wall at point guard and Gilbert Arenas coming back, we don't need Shaun anymore. 2....

John Wall and Reebok


I don't follow the whole shoe company thing much, so pardon me if I'm reading too much into this.  But I find this news about John Wall meeting with Reebok today significant.  Via Michael Lee. I...

The Dagger Report Returns To Talk John Wall Mania


A Wizards blogger and a Kentucky blogger talk about likely number one pick John Wall.

What's a productive Gilbert Arenas trade?


One of the things that bugs me about all the "trade Gilbert Arenas" talk nationally is that it's assumed any trade is a worthwhile trade to make.  "Addition by subtraction," is the subtext, because...

The official John Wall Wizards rap


As some of you know, BF user ThaCaronic creates rap tracks in his spare time.  Back when the Wizards were playing poorly, he gave us this gem advocating for a complete blow up.  But now, we're all...

Leftover John Wall and NBA Draft Lottery Links


I'm sure I missed some, but regardless, here are some important links to read: Michael Lee writes that the Wizards have already sold 400 season ticket packages in the 12 hours since they won the...

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