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How the Wizards have two large trade exceptions


The Washington Wizards got two big trade exceptions when they sent away Caron Butler, Brendan Haywood and Antawn Jamison. Here's how they got them.

A Clippers Fan's View On Al Thornton


I'm heading to Ernie Grunfeld's press conference in about an hour.  WashingtonWizards.com will have live video and I'll try to post a link to it if I can. In the meantime, I traded some e-mails...

Quick impressions of our new players


This is just to get the ball rolling.  They're not meant to be complete evaluations or be seen as complete truth.  However, I've watched and studied Dallas a lot this year, and here's my snap...

Why the Wizards-Mavericks trade is an all-around epic fail


Most NBA trades involving rebuilding teams have to be evaluated in three components.  One is whether the rebuilding team got somewhat decent current talent back.  The Wizards clearly didn't.  The...

The Wizards are at the crossroads of franchise-dom.


There is no doubt in my mind that the Wizards have reached the preverbal fork in the road.  We're 8-17.  The season is close to a third over.  We have not demonstrated any progress from the...

Possible in-season trade targets to improve the Wizards' frontcourt


A list of possible in-season trade targets to improve the Washington Wizards' frontcourt.

Is Mike Miller a long-term keeper?


I'm at work, so this post won't have the ordinary depth that most of the front-page posts have on here, but a nagging question has been bugging me all day. Did we acquire Mike Miller to trade him,...

Six reasons why Nick Young's probably a goner


Six reasons why Nick Young may no longer be a member of the Wizards because of the acquisition of Randy Foye.

Yay Guards?


That's basically all I've got with this trade right now.  The following players are now in contention for the starting shooting guard spot. Mike Miller Randy Foye DeShawn Stevenson Nick Young D...

Friday's Washington Wizards links and other stuff


For some reason, it always feels like there's a ton of news out on Fridays, so it makes sense to put them all in a link dump.  So, without further ado, today's links: Michael Lee checks in with...

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