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Tim Donaghy and Publisher Sever Ties, Threats Still In Dispute


Last week, we linked to a story in the Philadelphia Daily News about Tim Donaghy's struggles with his book publisher VTi-Media. The report centered around a claim by the CEO of VTi, Shawna Vercher,...

Tim Donaghy Reportedly Threatening His Own Book Publisher With Mob Muscle


↵Tim Donaghy really wants his money and won't rest until his book publisher gives up the goods. A report in the Philadelphia Daily News indicates that Donaghy has made threatening phone calls to...

Ref Conspiracy Theories Now Free to Run Wild


Big game, must-win for the Lakers, Kobe and the bench made up for the invisible Gasol and Odom (more on that later), but hey, did you hear that the whole NBA is fixed? ↵ ↵ ↵The Daily News...

Tim Doucheaghy Breaks Down Game 1's Refs


Tim Donaghy, the former NBA referee who spent 11 months in prison for relaying inside information to gamblers, will review the performance of his former colleagues during the NBA Finals. Here's a quarter-by-quarter breakdown of Game 1, with accompanying video.

Monday Night Roundup


Mavs Monday Donuts | DB.comThe Southwest Division measuring stick in many ways is San Antonio, of course. So the Mavs can take solace in the fact that they are are 14-7 and have a three-game lead...

60 Minutes Interview w/ ex-NBA referee Tim Donaghy- Must See Hoops TV


Tonight 60 Minutes aired Bob Simon's interview with disgraced NBA referee Tim Donaghy. Video clips and thoughts about NBA officiating.

Tim Donaghy Book a Warning to MLB


Tim Donaghy's still-unpublished book about crooked refereeing is a warning to MLB to get their act together.

NBA Officiating: The Great Sports Cover-up


Tim Donaghy's tell all book will not be published. The only clear winner here is the NBA.

Excerpts From Tim Donaghy's New Book


I'm surprised that nobody has linked to this yet. I've been hearing about it nonstop for the past two days. Even though Donaghy has no credibility, I believe him because he is confirming what I have suspected for a long time. He also gives very specific details that would take a lot of creativity to make up. On a related note, if anybody saw that play two nights ago where LeBron James barreled into Chris Bosh late in the 4th quarter, while the Cavs were attempting a furious comeback, and saw it get called a blocking foul on Bosh, then like me you would have to agree that there is such a thing in the NBA as star treatment. Bosh had positioned himself early and had textbook footwork on the play, and he was clearly outside of the no-charge semi-circle. No matter, the refs gave the call to the NBA's golden boy. David Stern ought to be ashamed of himself.

Tim Donaghy, NBA Refs, and NBA Fans Pathetic Standards


Tim Donaghy's latest accusations on corrupt NBA officials may be extreme, but they aren't hard to believe.

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