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Ted Leonsis remembers the DC Sniper Attacks Ten Years Ago


Not Wizards related per se, but I was a freshman in college not in the DC area and watching the breaking news on this story as it happened. I was that scared too. Here's Ted's recollection of that time.

EB from the Junkies' Blog: Ted, Sell the Wizards


Essentially, he questions Ted for not spending because of business reasons, and he implies that Ted may have received too much credit for the Caps.

Wizards Minority Owner Albert Cohen passes away at age of 89


Albert Cohen passed away at 89 last Friday on August 26, and Ted writes his eulogy here on his blog. RIP Big Al.

Ted Leonsis on yesterday's NBA Draft


Ted gives his review of last night on his blog. In short, he's happy we were able to add more young talent to the system, and he gave reasons why we chose not to move up in the draft, nor sell a pick for cash. I feel it's almost as transparent as you can get about the whole deal.

Washington Wizards: The Team of the Future No One Is Talking About


A comparison of the Bulls rebuild to the Wizards recently linked approvingly on Ted's Take in a post called "I Like This One". The quote that caught my attention: -------------------- "What exactly did Chicago management do that was so special? It was also more of what they did not do. At the end of the 2008-2009 season, as mentioned above, the Chicago Bulls improved by a solid 9 games and made the playoffs almost shocking the defending Champion Boston Celtics in the first round. Many executives, following a similar season, would have ensured that their entire roster remain intact, especially those younger players, regardless of the costs. Especially if that player led the team in scoring and was only 25 years young. I am speaking of course of Ben Gordon." -------------------------------------------- hmmmm....

Leonsis: NHL in Better Shape than NBA


It seems to me that Ted Leonsis is VERY serious and sincere regarding his Go Young/Build Through the Draft strategy. Those fans hoping for a run at Lebron or Bosh should probably adjust your expectations and hopes. Those hoping for a more "Bring Out Your Dead" approach are more likely to get their wish. The other comment that I have about this story is that I am truly amazed that Leonsis seemed to be so little involved with the Wizards (after the Michael Jordan years) even though he owned 44% of the team. He is just now learning what dire straits teams are financially in the NBA? Minority owners do not get access to NBA financials? I did not realize that. Please comment as to if you believe this is just a smoke screen or under-promising exercise by our new owner.

Leonsis On The Wizards


You had me at "I'd like more first round picks". I am loving the things our very soon-to-be new owner is saying. Let's hope EG can show why Ted has faith and kept him. On getting more picks in the draft: "I'd like more first round picks. I wouldn't be surprised if you see us figure out a way to collect more, because I do think we are in a rebuilding mode. I don't think we need to be unabashed about that. We don't have a lot of players under contract, so we might as well try to create a system and a culture using young players, then using free agency and trades to augment those core young players. That's something that we've done fairly well with the Caps. We haven't had as much success yet in the playoffs, but we've built around the draft and we've used free agency and made trades, but you've got to have that young core that you believe in and the fans fall in love with."

Plead to Leonsis - Whatever It Takes, Get Kevin Pritchard


Is there anyone who agrees with me that, if the Paul Allen does not want Kevin Pritchard, we have to do ANYTHING within Ted Leonsis' power to get him?

Time for Pollin to Sell the Wizards


Wiz owner Abe Pollin needs to fulfill the promise he made almost 10 years ago to sell the team to Ted Leonsis. [NBCWashington.com]

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