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Knicks vs. Wizards: NBA Summer League game 5 open thread


Our all-star Summer League cast looks to go undefeated against the Knicks this afternoon. John Wall won't suit up, unfortunately. He finishes Summer League having averaged 23.5 points and 7.8...

Wizards move to 3-0 with 88-82 win over Mavericks


Some bullet points on the Wizards' 88-82 Summer League win over Dallas.

Wizards vs. Clippers: Summer League Game 2 open thread


Tonight's game against the Clippers should be more of a challenge than last night's game. For one thing, the Clippers have a lot more top-level talent than the Warriors do. Their roster features...

Cartier Martin tries to seize his opportunity


A look at Cartier Martin, who is trying to convince the team he should help fill the Wizards' wing hole.

Yeah, he's as good as advertised. John Wall leads Wizards to a win in Summer League opener


It took a while for John Wall to calm the obvious nerves he had entering tonight's game against the Warriors. His very first play ended in a turnover. His first jump shot bricked high off the...

JOHN WALL JOHN WALL! Wizards vs. Warriors Summer League Game 1 Open Thread


In about four hours, we will finally see our man John Wall play in an NBA game. I'll have much more live from Vegas coming up, but for now, begin talking about the game here. The game will be...

Wizards Summer League Tracker


The NBA Summer League starts on July 9, and the Wizards' first game is on July 11.  We'll use this space to track who is on the squad. Also see: SB Nation DC's stream on this and Ridiculous...

A Summer League Game: Wizards Game 50 Blog vs. Denver Nuggets


If you think it couldn't get worse for the Wizards, well, you were wrong, it can.

Lessons from tracking Nick Young's mind-boggling Summer League passivity


Previously...JaVale McGee is a very undisciplined defender, and Dominic McGuire does all the unnoticed things. It's unmistakably clear that this is a huge offseason for Nick Young.  As discussed...

Lessons from tracking Dominic McGuire and his all-around game


As the free agent forwards fly off the market, it's looking more likely that the Wizards will enter next season with Dominic McGuire as the backup small forward.  That's not to say that he's the...

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