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Shaun Livingston is a part of the solution ... as a backup point guard


I love Shaun Livingston.  Who doesn't?  He's a great story of someone who hasn't given up and has worked his way back so far even to get to this point.  We root for him because he had so much...

The Wizards' offense has been pretty bad recently


I know, I know, this is kind of the understatement of the century, but I hadn't realized just how terribly our offense has been since the trades until friend of the site Kevin Broom...

Flip Saunders deserves blame for the on-court selfishness, but the GM deserves more


There's been a lot of talk recently about the Wizards' on-court selfishness.  As John Hollinger noted in his midseason disappointments column, the Wizards are currently 29th in the league in assist...

The Strange Case of Javale McGee's Defense


Last week, we featured some of Brendan Haywood's very impressive defensive numbers, and also mentioned some of those posted by Andray Blatche.  But what about the team's very young big-man...

Profiling Brendan Haywood's Defense, By the Numbers


Editor's Note: This is bwoodsxyz's latest. We had to delay it due to Arenas mania, and he had computer issues so he asked me to post it. -Mike It has taken years, but Brendan Haywood has started...

Hope by the Numbers


Editor's Note: Welcome back, bwoodsxyz! When following a 7-15 team, there is always the risk that what seem like legitimate reasons for hope--that the season can and will be salvaged and that all...

HoopData: The Wizards' problem is shot distribution


Normally, I'd make posts like these a FanShot, but I thought this was fascinating enough to discuss on its own. One of the best up-and-coming hoops site on the Net, HoopData, did a study on the...

Wizards lose to Pistons: Final wrap, stats only


I didn't watch the whole thing and I'd rather turn the floor over to people that did, so stats-only on this long recap. My only quick thought is this: we need role players.  Badly.  Right now,...

The bottom line with the Wizards? The stars aren't performing


All of the Wizards' problems this season can be traced back to the lack of production from Gilbert Arenas and Caron Butler.

Wizards embarrased by Bobcats at home: Stats only


I didn't watch this one, and can't rewatch it since it was on NBATV.  I'm glad I missed it.  I'm certainly not glad to read about what some of the players said to the media after this loss.  In...

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