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Best Pair of Bulls Rookies Ever?

I’m very excited to see how the Bull’s rookies do this year. McDermott and Mirotic both have opportunities to be key contributors this year out of the gate. I started thinking about past rookie...

The crop of Lightning rookies is freaking awesome


The Tampa Bay Lightning have an amazing crop of rookies this year, all part of the "Tampacuse Invasion." Of this high-impact group, who do you like? Who has the best chance of being a long-term,...

Ducks Gameday: Will John Gibson Make His NHL Debut


Frederik Andersen assigned to Norfolk Admirals, John Gibson called up to backup Hiller. Ducks @ Coyotes.

Serious talk


You can't always get a first rounder in a draft, given the short supply/high demand of this year. With Thadeus Young's latest performance, his trade value has never been higher, if a first round pick is out of sight, let's stop chasing unicorns. Grab two players already with promise. http://insider.espn.go.com/nba/hollinger/statistics/_/position/rookies/sort/trueShootingPct http://insider.espn.go.com/nba/hollinger/statistics/_/position/rookies I'm not being facetious when I say Sixers should trade for Giannis and Hardaway Jr. Both the Knicks and Bucks have shit GM's, that make terrible decisions time after time. Thad, Turner and Spence are not worth what these two youngins will be worth in (I shit you not) a single year from now. Grab em, grab them now before they get hot.

Who are the Lightning's pleasant surprises?


There are new faces in most key roles for the Lightning this year, from captain on down to the minors. Many are playing to expectation, but who are the big surprises? Bishop, Sustr, Kucherov,...

Should the Bears have taken a QB in the NFL Draft?


Despite an unsettled QB situation beyond this year, the Bears and Phil Emery did not pick up any rookie quarterbacks. Will this decision come back to haunt them if Cutler doesn't pan out?

76ers fall to Celtics, lose 9 of last 10


The 76ers lost to the Boston Celtics 109-101 at the Wells Fargo Center, sending the 76ers their 9th lost in the last 10 games. The 76ers fall to 7 games back of idle Milwaukee for the last playoff...

WWE NXT Universe: The unofficial handbook, 2013

Cageside Seats' coverage of WWE NXT is returning to your screen this week! Before this week's Results and Reactions post hits this Thurs. (Jan. 10) , please join us for a brief history on the...


Fielding and Ballpark Independent Outcomes Scores: 2013's MLB Rookie Starting Pitchers Versus MLB Competition

Below I will present the results of applying a novel performance analysis method to 2013's class of major league rookie starting pitchers, referencing only statistics that they accumulated as big...

Rookie Review: Week 1 (Dolphins v. Texans)

BRB's newest writer breaks dowm the performance of several Texans rookies from the win over Miami.

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