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Avoiding the Injury Bug

We all hope that the Rays can avoid the injury bug, but it's bite is all but inevitable. How well are the Rays equipped to handle an injury to one of their starting pitchers?

Freddie Freeman does not have baseball's best eye

Michael Salfino of the Wall Street Journal used balls per called strikes to argue that Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman has the best eye in baseball, but there's a problem with his metric.

Reviewing Andrew Friedman's Drafts

Andrew Friedman took over as the Rays General Manager after the 2005 season at the ripe age of 28. Since 2006, only nine teams have more wins than the Rays. With their shoestring budget, how much of this success can be attributed to savvy drafting?

Comparing Evan Longoria and Mike Schmidt

At this point in his career, how does Evan Longoria compare to Mike Schmidt?

Is Justin Fontaine In The Wild's Long-Term Plans?

Where does rookie forward Justin Fontaine fit in the long-term vision for this team? Is he a piece to be moved, or can he contribute to a team that hopes to compete for a Stanley Cup in the near future.

Corey Brewer, In Search Of Home

From Tennessee to Florida, from Minnesota to New York, Corey Brewer has had several places which he has called home. Hopefully, its time for another one; this time in Texas.

Should Roddy B's Disappointing Sophomore Campaign Continue Into the Postseason?

Huge hopes were laid on Roddy B this year, and he's crushed all of them, and not in a good way. What do the Mavericks need to do to help fix this problem?

Shaun Livingston is a part of the solution ... as a backup point guard

I love Shaun Livingston.  Who doesn't?  He's a great story of someone who hasn't given up and has worked his way back so far even to get to this point.  We root for him because he had so much...

Will The Real Andray Blatche Please Stand Up?

I've been watching the Wizards team for the last 7 games, wondering what it is I see that is so different from the team before the trades. Yes, I see more "energy" - whatever that means.... That...

Cliche alert: Andray Blatche is succeeding because he's making shots

From the very first day of the season (media day, specifically), Andray Blatche has talked about how he's a more serious player this year.  It's an often-repeated storyline that he's been putting...

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