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Shaun Livingston is a part of the solution ... as a backup point guard


I love Shaun Livingston.  Who doesn't?  He's a great story of someone who hasn't given up and has worked his way back so far even to get to this point.  We root for him because he had so much...

Will The Real Andray Blatche Please Stand Up?


I've been watching the Wizards team for the last 7 games, wondering what it is I see that is so different from the team before the trades. Yes, I see more "energy" - whatever that means.... That...

Cliche alert: Andray Blatche is succeeding because he's making shots


From the very first day of the season (media day, specifically), Andray Blatche has talked about how he's a more serious player this year.  It's an often-repeated storyline that he's been putting...


Source: Dwayne Jones a possible option for eventual Wizards' empty roster spot

Editor's Note: Scott Schroeder is the webmaster of SB Nation's NBA Developmental League blog Ridiculous Upside and is probably the most well-connected writer covering the D-League out there. He...

James Singleton tries to make a name for himself


It's Wednesday night, and James Singleton can't stop smiling. While the rest of the players joke around in the background, Singleton stands by his locker in the corner, slowly getting changed. As...

Mike James on his 2009/10 season: "I've never been treated like this"


Game thread coming later, but no big one because of this. -Mike WASHINGTON -- It was one of the early days of training camp, and Mike James looked great. He had shed 25 pounds and was running...

Putting some numbers on the Mike Miller effect


So much negativity.  So much justified negativity.  Let's talk about something positive! Let's talk about Mike Miller.  We've talked about Mike Miller all season as if he has some magic intangible...

Randy Foye's starting, learning the harsh reality of being a reserve


If there's one thing I learned about Randy Foye from talking to him this year, it's that he stays professional.  He won't even come close to badmouthing a teammate, a coach or even his situation....

The bottom line with the Wizards? The stars aren't performing


All of the Wizards' problems this season can be traced back to the lack of production from Gilbert Arenas and Caron Butler.

Despite struggles, Caron Butler remains optimistic, undeterred


I talk to Caron Butler about his season and what he needs to do to improve his play.

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