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Washington Wizards: The Team of the Future No One Is Talking About


A comparison of the Bulls rebuild to the Wizards recently linked approvingly on Ted's Take in a post called "I Like This One". The quote that caught my attention: -------------------- "What exactly did Chicago management do that was so special? It was also more of what they did not do. At the end of the 2008-2009 season, as mentioned above, the Chicago Bulls improved by a solid 9 games and made the playoffs almost shocking the defending Champion Boston Celtics in the first round. Many executives, following a similar season, would have ensured that their entire roster remain intact, especially those younger players, regardless of the costs. Especially if that player led the team in scoring and was only 25 years young. I am speaking of course of Ben Gordon." -------------------------------------------- hmmmm....

Nick Doin' Work: Wizards Insider


Great update from Michael Lee of the Post about Nick Young's offseason workouts with Flip Saunders and Sam Cassell. It sounds like Nick's getting some really good personal attention here and is working hard. This is probably a good thread to discuss Nick's status on the team and as an asset before I finish up my ideal SG for Arenas post later today.

Wizards Summer League Game 2 Blog: Philadelphia 76ers


The 0-2 record doesn't mean much....but Wizards fans can't exactly be pleased with the "veteran" qualities that Nick Young has brought to the table in Vegas this year. We all expect him to show more experience in the summer league. Dominic McGuire had a much better game two, I continue to be impressed by Andray Blatche, and JaVale McGee has some TUP. But one cannot help but be a tad concerned about the Wizards guard situation with the aforementioned Young expected to play a bigger role as a result of the departure of Roger Mason, and Dee Brown not yet showing himself worthy of the 3rd PG spot.

Mini-Camp Begins - from WashingtonWizardsBlog.com


A couple videos to check out.....don't show much. Interesting comments from SportzWiz, one of the site moderators/bloggers: Lot of learning going on and trying to understand what the coaches wanted in drills. Dominic, Nick, Dray and Dee seemed to take over the leadership roles. Pech was icing down an ankle and we’ll have more on that as we get it. Veeremenko should arrive tonight and be ready to go tomorrow. Dee Brown first impression - Very humble human being who is very VERY excited to be here. Went to Turkey to work on his game and he’s very excited about the opportunity. Dominic - Talked about working on his mid-range jumper ths off-season and ball-handling. Also dropped 10 lbs is down to 225 he’s trying to be quicker so he can as he says "Be that lock down defender for this team." Nick - Working on his defense and his understanding of the offense. His jumper is just so pure. Andray - Is calling himself the Antawn of the team (with Dom being "Caron" and Nick obviously being "Gil"), but he’s trying to push everyone.

Nick Young's summer jam gone wrong


That's our Bean Burrito....I mean 'The City' -- but who is the little girl laughing in the background?

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