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Today's Workout Participants


On the docket today are Ty Lawson, Jeremy Pargo, Josh Heytvelt, Taj Gibson, Patrick Beverly, and Tywain McKee. I know it's probably wrong of me, but I'm more excited about Jeremy Pargo than any other player, even though he has next to no shot of being drafted.

Wizards are working out Terrence Williams today

Like Michael Lee mentions, this doesn't do anything to assuage the notion that the Wizards might be trading down. Still, he's a much bigger name than anyone else that's been worked out by the Wizards to this point. How does Williams feel about all of this? I'll let one of his recent tweets do the talking: Working out with the wizards this morning me and someone else Weird but should be fun Plane back to vegas after

With the 5th pick in the Mock Draft, Jake selects...


I've been going back and forth for the last month or so on what player I would take with the 5th pick at the given choice. I've tried to avoid giving an official endorsement to any player because I know the odds are good that I'll end up changing my mind sooner rather than later. Anyways, I was asked to represent the Wizards in the NBA Outsider Mock Draft, so I had to make a decision at least for the moment on what player I would go with. I don't think it's a ground-shaking pick, but some of you might be surprised at who I passed up.

Either Flip or Ernie will be representing the Wizards at the lottery.


My money would be for Flip, since he's the new guy, but we'll see what happens as we get closer to Tuesday. UPDATE: According to NBA.com, Ernie will be the on-stage representative and Flip will be the Lottery Room Participant.

Roundtable: What Do the Wizards Do If They Pick 4th?


Here's Prada's take on what the Wizards should do if we pick 4th in this year's draft.

Blake officially says he's going pro


Now you can daydream about Blake Griffin in a Wizards jersey without the guilt of knowing that he's still an amateur.

Ricky Rubio Abuse


I wandered over to Sactown Royalty to see their perspective on the #1-2 picks this year... and found this little nugget. NBADraft.net doesn't have Rubio coming out until next year, but DraftExpress.com has him coming out this year. Please give us more options this year, Ricky, I don't even care about dealing with another buyout.

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