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Ricky Rubio staying in Europe doesn't automatically vindicate the Wizards


It's an easy reaction for a Wizards fan to view the news that Ricky Rubio is staying in Europe as vindication for Ernie Grunfeld, but the situation is too complicated to make a direct comparison...

Bullets Forever Poll: Ricky Rubio vs. "The Trade"


Who would the Wizards be better off with? Ricky Rubio or Mike Miller and Randy Foye?


All that Glitters...

Shorter BF reaction to 2009 NBA Draft: I come not to bury the Washington Wizards, but to praise them; for if we've learned anything about our current group it's that anything is possible. Quite...

The NBA Draft: Once again, the Wizards try to have it both ways


Our 2009 draft pick.  Yay!   I need to sleep on this before I say even more.  We're all clearly angry, and justifiably so, so here's yet another thread to vent.  Go ahead as long as you don't...

Open thread 2: The NBA Draft


So ... how do people feel about the Minnesota trade now?

Open Thread: Pre-draft


Use this space to talk about anything that comes to your mind, any rumored trades, any trades that go through, anything you hear about anything draft-related, etc. Already, we've got Cleveland t...


Bullets Forever Poll: I would have liked the Minny trade better if ...

Darius Songaila vs. the 18th pick .... which on is more desirable?

Twas the eve of draft night, and the Wizards were quiet...


I was going to write a little more about the ramifications of the trade tonight (Songaila fans were going to love what I was going to post), but with so much interesting discussion going on in the...

The Wizards-Timberwolves trade is what happens when you try to have it both ways


In trading for Mike Miller and Randy Foye, the Washington Wizards are trying to get immediate help while still saving long-term money. That's fine, but it doesn't get you as close as you need to...

Yay Guards?


That's basically all I've got with this trade right now.  The following players are now in contention for the starting shooting guard spot. Mike Miller Randy Foye DeShawn Stevenson Nick Young D...

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