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Adrian Wojnarowski: Arenas silences Agent Zero act for now

Adrian was at the Grizzlies preseason game, so he isn't just inventing this stuff out of thin air.

Mike Jones: Taking their word for it

An update on the Gilbert Arenas situation that I highly recommend. It provides all the context to the situation that is necessary to understand what it was like for us to be there watching what happened.

Part 2 of a three-part look at Gilbert Arenas' offseason from Wizards.com

Haven't watched the video yet, will watch it later. For those who have watched, discuss here.

Washington Times: Gil to return at full strength for training camp

There's a lot to talk about in this article, such as the notion of Gil eschewing the "pure PG" stuff a bit, Grover's claim that Gil is better than ever and more.

Part 1 of a three-part look at Gilbert Arenas' offseason training

Tim Grover's featured most heavily in this one. He tends to be a straight shooter, so when he says that Gilbert's going to have a big year, it holds a lot of weight.

Sporting Blog: The (possible) remaking of Gilbert Arenas

Bethlehem Shoals, the author of The Macrophenomenal Pro Basketball Almanac, talks about a potential Gilbert Arenas transformation post-injury.

Mike Jones @ Outlet: Gilbert Arenas is looking good in Chicago

Mike Jones talked to Flip Saunders and asked about Gilbert Arenas. Saunders said Arenas is doing very well with renown trainer Tim Grover in Chicago. Here are the key nuggets. -Arenas is playing five-on-five pickup games every week with Dwyane Wade and OJ Mayo, among others. Flip dismissed worries that this may be too much activity, claiming that "Tim's in control." -Saunders says Arenas could only reverse leg press 75 pounds on his left leg when he first arrived in Chicago. Now, Saunders says Arenas can do 315 pounds. What? -Saunders and Arenas are talking daily about coaching philosophies, and sources close to Arenas say the two are "hitting it off" This all sounds great, but I'm still a bit skeptical. For one, only Saunders is directly quoted, and there's no reason for Saunders to say Arenas isn't doing well. For another, while Grover's great, the sound of Arenas playing five straight days in pickup games concerns me a little. Finally, Arenas himself is maintaining a low profile, which means there are more steps along the way for information to become a little less authentic. This is not to say Jones did anything wrong, and this report is certainly encouraging. Feel free to be more optimistic than me. I'm just only going to believe Gilbert is okay when I see it.

Mike Jones talks to Gilbert Arenas from the Finals

Mike Jones of the Times does some great work talking to Gilbert Arenas during the Finals. The major piece of news is that Gilbert is going to train with Tim Grover over the summer. Grover was Michael Jordan's trainer and also worked with Dwayne Wade last summer getting over his injuries. Grover's the best in the business, having basically changed MJ from a skinny guy to the most muscular guy in the league. I'm officially excited.

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