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Source: Bulls eyeing Derrick Rose extension as 'top priority'


Good that they want to get that out of the way. This depressing tidbit at the end: "Bogans started all 82 games a year ago, averaging four points and two rebounds per game." Thanks, Nick. Did you borrow KC's bucket of cold water?

Why the Hell would the Bulls want Anthony Parker?


Doug Thonus does some actual reporting: I was talking with a friend within the Bulls organization, someone who has no problem telling me like it is and not sugar coating it. He said the fans have no idea how much of a positive impact Bogans makes on the team. He's a great locker room guy, he's great at helping the attitude, and that he's a really important part of their chemistry.

Bogans flowchart. Found the link at BDL.


Bogans flowchart. Found the link at BDL.

Coach Thibs defends decision to start Bogans


I like a coach who thinks about the team's needs over those of individual players...but seriously, Bogans?

Bogans to be starter opening night?

Per KC:There's still time, but don't be surprised if Keith Bogans supplants projected starter Brewer at shooting guard for the Oct. 27 opener in Oklahoma City. "I don't think Ronnie's comfortable yet with the defense or offense," Thibodeau said. "That will come as he plays more. "It's not only who is going to start, it's who fits better with what group. I don't know if Ronnie will be better with the starters or bench guys. I like the energy he brings. I like Keith's toughness. Ronnie is more of a slasher. Keith is more of a spot-up 3-point shooter. Their strengths are different, but they're both good players." And this tidbit was very interesting. Thibodeau said his regular-season rotation would be "eight or nine players."

Keith Bogans is a Chicago Bull


And another one bites the dust.

Training Camp Day 2 Videos


The Spurs just put up three video interviews from day 2 of training camp.  Here they are: Pop:  [Link] Mike Finley's ghost: [Link] Keith Bogans: [Link] I just thought it was better to put them together, instead of making three separate fanshots.

The 10 Best UK Squads to not win a National Championship/Open Thread


Rating the University of Kentucky's non-National Championship teams.

Keith Bogans making a difference at home


Just a great article on one of my favorite UK players of recent times. Keith Bogans' perseverance at Kentucky and in the NBA is the kind of story everybody loves. It says a lot about Kentucky that we keep producing NBA players with tremendous character. It truly makes me proud to be a Wildcat fan.

Wizards Future Part IVb: New Additions (Wings and Guards)


This is the part 4b of a four part series assessing the future of the Washington Wizards. Part 4a focused on free agent big men and a trade possibility for Blazer big man, Joel Pryzbilla (our SB...

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