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Olajuwon talking McGee


Nice to read and good to know what we've got in hand. Let's hope it sticks

Mike Jones (who?) wants you to chill on the JaVale McGee trade rumors


"I have it on very good authority that there is no truth to this whatsoever. Perhaps OKC has interest in McGee, which would make sense, but that doesn't mean the teams have had discussions. Often, I'm told, teams will throw rumors out there to get counterparts to nibble, thus starting up some discussions. The Wizards are very happy with McGee and believe he will blossom into a multiple All-Star. Trading McGee would also put the Wizards on the market for another center of the future and backup to Brendan Haywood, because Etan Thomas is injury prone and has an expiring contract the Wizards would like to move. II'm also hearing that the Wizards aren't at all interested in James Harden, believing that the Arizona State guard lacks the expolosiveness, athleticism and ball-handling skills that they're looking for."

Wanna Follow A Future Wizard On Twitter? (potentially)


With JaVale McGee sporadically on Twitter, and Mike James tweeting, "Leave mike vick alone. U already made him start over financially. What else u want his head for dogs. Better b careful what u kill," it's time to get some more Wizards on board (could only be a matter of time before the blogging Brendan Haywood is hip to the game). Well, future Wizard, Blake Griffin, is tweeting his way to the NBA. Follow B.G. and let him know how good he'll look in a Wizards uniform. And remember, May 19th is less than a week away.

JaVale McGee on Twitter?

Mike James the first Wizard on Twitter? Perhaps not. According to the 'When Did I Start Twitter?' tool, James signed up on Saturday, April 18th. But young JaVale McGee AKA @bigdaddywookie came on board the Twit train on Tuesday, March 17th. You won't learn much from JaVale's updates, as his account is protected. But I will tell you that "they" call him Sleepy Johnson. Wanna follow other NBA players? Check out the @NBAPlayers twitter account and site. Remember, if you want to follow Bullets Forever, Jake, or myself, just follow the links. If you have a Twitter account, drop it in the comments section. Sometime in the future, I'll put together a 'Suggested Twitterers' post, and would love to include all those in the Bullets Forever community. ALSO: Bullets Forever, along with all the other SB Nation blogs are in a competition to see who can get 5000 followers first, if you need another incentive to get on Twitter.

Praise for JaVale McGee from a Kings Fan


A commenter on SacTown Royalty, twasserm, an obvious Kings fan and east coast dweller who went to Sunday's game, had some nice praise for JaVale McGee: If Javale McGee were on the Kings, we would all love him. He’s a skinny but really athletic big who plays with the same expression on his face that Donté has on his. A few calls went against him and he didn’t sulk or let the frustration affect how he played. When McCants hugged him on the break and McGee made a circus shot anyway, you could tell how much all of his teammates loved the guy. He’d be like last year’s Mikki Moore with better hands, upside, a future, and a rookie contract. If Washington is looking to unload salary this summer but wants to keep their draft pick, I would be thrilled if they’d give us McGee to take Etan Thomas’ contract. I might take Nick Young also (he’s what McCants would be if McCants were a few inches taller, a bit smarter of a player, and not a thug), but I’d be thrilled if they’d give us McGee. Of course, if McGee were traded just to get rid of Etan's undesirable contract, the brick coming out of all our butts would be mighty painful.

JaVale McGee Should NOT Start (right now)


Just an opinion from the other side of the table. I have yet to get too entrenched in the comments from Prada's 'Start McGee' post (which is more than compelling), but judging by the poll results, the overwhelming opinion is to start The Choppa aka Epic Vale sooner rather than later. Which opinion is right? Who knows....we don't make the decisions, we just blog about the bloggers blogging about bloggers who blog. (sure that doesn't make sense, but does it have to?)

Washington Post: The Son's Time to Shine


Ivan Carter's nice profile about JaVale McGee. It focuses on his background and his connection with his mother. Good read.

Wizards.com: Team officially signs McGee


No word on the official contract, but if it follows the rookie salary scale, the first year should be the same as in the spreadsheet below.

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