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Randy Foye shut down for rest of season


Foye had a wrist problem that kept him out of Saturday's game. Considering that a) the Wizards have nothing to play for, and b) Foye himself is a potential free agent and likely doesn't want to aggravate the injury while going for a new deal, it makes a lot of sense to shut him down.

Caron Butler's out for tonight's game


Apparently he also got hurt on that collision with Paul Pierce. It swelled up this morning, so he won't go. In typical Wizards fashion, they haven't had him get an MRI yet. Why wait, exactly?

Mike Jones' practice report: Mike Miller hoping to play, Antawn Jamison and Randy Foye more uncertain


Miller's willing to play even if he isn't 100%, while Jamison is sick and will be a game-time decision.

Michael Lee's Saturday practice report


Brendan Haywood to return on Monday; Antawn Jamison does light running and his shoulder is progressing; and Javaris Crittenton is still out.

Butler's Hammy Likes Fluid


The update from Mike Jones of the Washington Times relates that the MRI Caron Butler had on his bothersome hamstring indicates a fluid build up. He's traveling on the four-game road trip, but doesn't expect to be back on the court "for a bit." No word on the cause. It could be anything from too much Mountain Dew, to partying at the Park, to a simple concentration of Tuff Juice due to lack of winning outlets for release, among other more plausible causes.

Blatche out 2-4 weeks


Well looks like more minutes for JaVale. [UPDATE]: Wizards Insider has more info. This quote seems encouraging, no?: Stevenson added that his back problems will likely remain for the rest of his career. [facetious]

Tom Knott: Injury bug still breeding


Ok, so I finally got around to reading Knott's "injury" column on the Wizards in The Washington Times. And as pessimistic as Knott can be sometimes, he blew Wilbon's column out of the water. My favorite parts: "The Wizards are working on their fourth 'next season' after advancing to the Eastern Conference semifinals in 2005." and "Twenty-one months ago, the Mavericks were en route to winning 67 games, the Celtics were gearing up to tank games, and Kobe Bryant was in the process figuring out that Los Angeles was not where he wanted to spend the rest of his career. Now the Celtics are champions, Bryant is happy in Los Angeles, and the championship window of the Mavericks has closed. The Wizards? They are not unlike the Rockets. These star-crossed franchises dare to be special until injuries intrude on their quality of life. It apparently is their lot to be among the afflicted and unable to find their rightful place in the basketball universe." At least Knott was NBA knowledgeable enough to cite the troubles of the Rockets....but I'm still not shedding any tears for the denizens of H-Town. After all, they won back-to-back titles in '94 and '95.

Mike Jones Q&A with Antonio Daniels


From the Washington Times: Jones:Gil said that even before the third surgery he was going to miss training camp and wasn't expecting to play until January. Was that a surprise to you? A.D.: I don't really know. I'm not really educated enough on microfracture surgery and how long it takes, so if he had told me that he was gonna miss training camp, I'd just figure it was a precautionary move and it's an extra two weeks to rest and give it more time to heal. So, is this just another indicator of lack of communication? If so, does Arenas have an obligation to inform the guy who will be filling in for him? Daniels also says that he declined to have surgery on his wrist after seeking a second opinion. I sure hope the doctors are right in his case, because that wrist will be seeing a lot more action.

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