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Gilbert Arenas serving sentence in minimum-security Montgomery County facility


Gil's going to be at the Montgomery County Halfway House near White Flint. Here's a profile of the facility from the Post last year.

Washington Post: Prosecutors recommend Gilbert Arenas get three months in jail


They also recommend he get three months years probation and do 300 hours of community service. UPDATE: Adrian Wojanrowski reports that Gilbert sent a mass text message to his friends telling them his phone will be shut off until Friday (the sentencing date) and that he'll call them if he wants them. I have no idea how Woj found this out. Maybe Gil considers him a friend? UPDATE: Here's a copy of the prosecution's full brief, which alleges that Arenas has changed his story in a self-serving matter. The Washington City Paper reprints Arenas' text messages to a teammate that show Arenas covered this up. I'm curious to hear the defense's take on all of this. UPDATE: Woj reports Arenas' defense team sent out a "sentencing memorandum" that includes mostly character endorsements. Sigh. I was hoping for a response to the facts presented by the prosecution. UPDATE: I just got a copy of the sentencing memo. I'm going to need some time to look this over, but the memo does say that "Mr. Arenas’ intent that day, though terribly misguided, was neither malicious nor violent in any way." UPDATE: Here's a copy of the defense's memo. Feel free to peruse.

AP: Gilbert Arenas says he's got no problem playing for the Wizards again


Meh, what else is he supposed to say? I just find it funny that it came at a PETA event. Gil's affiliated with them now.

Andrew Sharp: Why the Wizards must void Gilbert's contract


I've had way too many in-person arguments with Andrew over this issue, so I'm just going to post this for y'all's take.

Marc Stein: Gilbert Arenas meeting with David Stern today


I'm guessing a suspension announcement is coming soon. UPDATE: Ken Berger quotes a league source saying the suspension is going to be "steep."

Washington Post: Wizards' Javaris Crittenton charged with gun counts

Via Washington Post (guess they found his gun): "Crittenton was charged Monday with unlawful possession of a firearm, which is a felony and attempting to carry a pistol without a license, a misdemeanor. Sources say Crittenton is working on a plea agreement to drop the felony and plead to the misdemeanor." UPDATE: Javaris Crittenton's lawyer released the following statement: There has been a great deal of misinformation published about this event and about Javaris Crittenton. Mr. Crittenton brought a lawfully owned, unloaded handgun into Washington, DC only because he legitimately feared for his life. The government's proffer of facts to be filed today acknowledges that his handgun was not loaded and that he never threatened anyone with it. The gun was legally purchased, but bringing it into the District, even for self defense, violated the city's strict gun control laws. Mr. Crittenton, who was 21 years old at the time of this incident, has never before been arrested or charged with any crime, and with today's misdemeanor plea to possession of an unregistered firearm, accepts responsibility for his conduct. He looks forward to explaining his actions to the NBA and returning to the basketball court as soon as possible. UPDATE: Wow, this moved fast. Apparently, Crittenton's already been sentenced to one year probation and a $1,250 fine. As Michael Lee points out, that's roughly what Gil owed him anyway for the gambling debt. UPDATE: I'm with Michael Lee, the Proffer of Facts is worded really strangely. Here's what it says: There is no evidence that Crittenton ever chambered a round...raised or pointed the firearm. Not, "It's not true," but rather "there is no evidence." Then again, this could just be legal-speak, so don't hold me to it. In other news, per Lee's Twitter, a) Crittenton did turn in his gun, though it's unclear when, and b) according to the Proffer, when Crittenton took out his gun, Arenas said "You're going to need more than that little gun." UPDATE: Wizards' statement: "The charges filed today against Javaris Crittenton and his subsequent plea represent another disappointing development in what has already been a long and frustrating process for the team, the NBA and, most importantly, our fans. Javaris clearly used very bad judgment in this situation and will now face the consequences of his actions." UPDATE: In case you thought David Stern would let Arenas off easier because of Crittenton's plea, think again, says Ken Berger of CBS Sportsline. All signs seem to be pointing toward a season-long suspension for both, though it's interesting that Berger brings up the Delonte West situation as a potential mitigating factor for Arenas. Also, according to Berger, the three Wizards in the locker room at the time were Mike Miller, Randy Foye and DeShawn Stevenson.

Howard Beck profiles Javaris Crittenton


Great work from one of the best reporters in the business. Pretty much everyone interviewed says the reports of what happened on December 21 are very out of character for Crittenton, yet there's also a sense this was coming based on recent events. A great article.

Mike Jones: Wizards haven't discussed voiding Arenas' deal


I like Mike Jones, but I can't buy his source's claim that the Wizards haven't even considered voided Gilbert Arenas' deal. I just can't. There's too much smoke for there to not be fire with that. I'm sure they've at least thought about it. I do believe Jones' source when he says they've tried to reach out to Arenas and Arenas rebuffed them. That seems conceivable. The other disconcerting thing? Jones reports that Ernie is holding out hope that the Wizards can turn things around. Hopefully, that's just a ploy to keep everyone's market value up. Otherwise ... I have no words to express my anger.

Gilbert Arenas charged with felony

Editor's Note: So much for the plea deal. UPDATE: Whoops. Obviously he could still plea to a lesser charge, but this morning's article made it seem like they were hoping to reach an agreement before being charged. Maybe I just read it wrong. UPDATE: Washington Post now has more about the charges UPDATE: I'm also doing the work on this story on SBNation.com here. UPDATE: I'm tweeting about this here. I still need some hours to gather coherent thoughts for a full post, but read my thoughts in bits there. UPDATE: The Wizards just e-mailed this statement. "We are aware of the charge filed against Gilbert Arenas today and will continue to follow the ongoing legal process very carefully. We will also continue to cooperate fully with the proper authorities and the NBA. Beyond our previous statements on this serious and unfortunate matter, will have no further comment at this time." UPDATE: Michael Lee, via Twitter, echoes my thoughts. Wouldn't get overly panicked over GA's felony charge. A plea deal is likely in the works. He surely is looking to plea down to a misdemeanor UPDATE: The Washington Examiner is reporting that it's one felony AND four misdemeanors that Arenas is being charged with.
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