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Gilbert Arenas in good spirits at halfway house, but is icing his knee


UPDATE: Gil's been let out of the halfway house, and reportedly didn't remember the combination to his house lock.  Hah! With Gilbert Arenas set to finish his 30-day sentence in a halfway house...

Gilbert Arenas' eventful week and what it all means


Obviously, the last couple days have provided far more clues into what Gilbert Arenas' future will be.  The fact that Ernie Grunfeld - long a master of saying nothing with many words - went out...

Gilbert Arenas avoids jail, gets two years probation, 30 days in halfway house


Gilbert Arenas avoided jail time for bringing guns into the Wizards' locker room. Follow the latest news here.

Gilbert Arenas sentencing day open thread


As you probably know, today (2:30 in the afternoon, to be precise) is the day that Gilbert Arenas is scheduled to go before the judge to learn whether he will receive any jail time.  To recap: p...

Ernie Grunfeld on Gilbert Arenas' future: "If he wants to play, this is the place he's going to play"


It was supposed to be a press conference about the departures of Antawn Jamison, Caron Butler, Brendan Haywood and DeShawn Stevenson.  It was supposed to be a way for the general manager to explain...

INTERVIEW: Larry Hughes talks about Gilbert Arenas, says he expects Arenas to come back to the Wizards next season

Bullets Forever, among others, interviews Knicks guard Larry Hughes before Saturday's Wizards-Knicks game. Hughes discusses his good friend Gilbert Arenas and says he expects to see Arenas back...

The relevant Gilbert Arenas legal language thread


It occurs to me that many of us (myself included) are speculating on the possibility of the Wizards voiding Gilbert Arenas' contract without taking as much time as needed to study the actual...

Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton suspended for rest of NBA season (UPDATED)


Gilbert Arenas has been suspended for the rest of the NBA season, according to Michael Lee of the Washington Post.

We know Gilbert Arenas' post-incident behavior was wrong, but so was the Wizards'


Why the Washington Wizards have not handled the fallout from the Gilbert Arenas situation properly.

Gilbert Arenas pleads guilty to felony gun possession charge, scheduled to be sentence March 26


Updates on the Gilbert Arenas situation from all over.

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