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Kings Gameday: Deja Vu


Flames and Kings...again?

Georgia Bulldogs All-Sports Open Comment Thread

The Georgia Bulldogs will send student-athletes into intercollegiate competition in eight sports on Saturday, including three clashes of ranked teams and a televised men's basketball game. Come to...

Daily Open Thread for Sat. Feb 2: Groundhog Day

Here's your "Daily Open Thread" for Groundhog Day! That's right, it's Feb. 2nd, 2013. Throughout your day, come tell us whatever your heart desires!



Two years ago almost to the day, Chelsea travelled to Anfield for the 2nd Leg of the Champions League Semi-Final and lost 1-0 (and we all know where that 'goal' came from). Chelsea went to Anfield...

Groundhog Day Broncos vs Raiders


After a promising preseason the Denver Broncos run into a brick wall called the Oakland Raiders. Tune in and see what the Bronco Planet crew thinks about this dismal start. Is all hope lost or is this just a rough start? Lots to talk about

Sharks Gameday: Groundhog Day


It's "Groundhog Day" all over again for the Sharks. Also, thoughts on Roenick v. Marleau.

We're Not the Only Team Stuck in Punxsutawney


Misery loves company. When skies are cloudy in the Wolves' world, nothing offers consolation like the griping of other teams.

Post-Game Breakdown: Texans Fall To Eagles To Drop To 5-7...Again


You'll never believe this, but the Texans are 5-7. Again. These post-game breakdowns are getting repetitive.

Wizards Game 37 Blog vs. Milwaukee Bucks: Calling Bill Murray


Washington Wizards Game 37 Blog vs. Milwaukee Bucks

Rany jumps off the Dayton Moore bandwagon

Two weeks ago I wrote this: "Dayton Moore does many things well, and he still has my support as the man who could lead the Royals to the playoffs once again. But after three off-seasons to prove himself on the free-agent market, with one notable exception (Gil Meche), all he has proven is that he is prone to wildly overspending for highly replaceable talent." Now that he’s signed Bloomquist, I stand by these words completely. Well, accept for the part that he still has my support. Well, there you go. This kind of offseason leads to breakups like this. Personally, I put a lot of stock in this offseason as far as my evaluation of Dayton Moore. He had done some things well (mostly involving pitchers) and some things poorly (mostly involving position players). So I was looking for him to start spending the currency of baseball and seriously address the offensive/defensive issues. And then this offseason came. Wow. He spent the currency of baseball poorly. He spent David Glass's currency even worse. Dayton Moore isn't a good GM. Is he an average GM? Maybe. But as he can't be expected to make good FA signings, the only way the Royals compete is with cheap homegrown talent. So how long are we going to have to wait until there is enough of that to compete? Until Moustakas, Hosmer, Cortes, Duffy, etc. are in the majors and have all panned out? If I may paraphrase Phil Connors, this winter has been cold, it's been gray and it may last us the rest of our lives.
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