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Video of fan friendly Gilbert Arenas


Video and story about a kinder, gentler Gilbert Arenas signing for fans on the road in Minnesota.

Gilbert Arenas article on DIME magazine website


suggests gilbert arenas will reward the wizards

Gilbert Arenas ranked 13th best NBA shooting guard by Ball Don't Lie


Ball Don't Lie's Kelly Dwyer ranks Gilbert as the 13th best shooting guard in the NBA, but has mostly bad things to say about him.

Adidas Drops Arenas


As can only be expected when one pleads guilty to a felony gun charge...

Gilbert Arenas Speaks, 'Really' Does NOT Like The Media


I have a quick post (and video) about Arenas speaking at today's practice, making blanket statements about the media being "lazy", at Truth About It. Michael Lee and Mike Jones also have posts up at Wizards Insider and Wizards Outlet respectively. Looking back, I wish I'd asked Arenas a couple of questions ... but figured that he would just be giving 'ho-hum' answers, and overall, just didn't really care to "bother" him ... opting to let the two Mike's do all the talking instead. Oh well ... that Gilbert Arenas fellow, he's an interesting/funny dude.

Learning More About Your Potential Wizards


Did you know that Channing Frye once scored a career high 30 points (one of three such 30 pt. occasions), in a win against the Wizards when he was with the Knicks? And that this happened to occur on Gilbert Arenas' birthday?

Mike Jones talks to Gilbert Arenas from the Finals


Mike Jones of the Times does some great work talking to Gilbert Arenas during the Finals. The major piece of news is that Gilbert is going to train with Tim Grover over the summer. Grover was Michael Jordan's trainer and also worked with Dwayne Wade last summer getting over his injuries. Grover's the best in the business, having basically changed MJ from a skinny guy to the most muscular guy in the league. I'm officially excited.

Gil changing the plan? (Shocker)

Mike Jones: Wait, huh? You might play in Memphis? "If I feel good, yeah." Mike Jones: But what happened to the original plan of no road games, only home games until next week at Cleveland? "I'm just going game-by-game. Just depending on what the trainer says tomorrow, see how my knee feels." Mike Jones: But wouldn't it be more appealing to play on TNT against the Cavs? "Not really, I'm not here for the show right now. I'm here to work on my rehab, not to play up to the crowd and the hype right now." Mike Jones: Is your knee feeling OK? Has something changed? "Nope, I feel good. No complaints. Not yet." Crazy considering just 15 minutes earlier, Ed Tapscott said Arenas would NOT play against Memphis because the plan was no back-to-backs and the team would rather have him for Thursday. "We set the perameter, no back-to-backs," Tap said. "This is a back to back so we'd rather have him on the back-side this time at home against Cleveland. So he won't play at Memphis." SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH, nothing is ever simple, is it? ----------------------------------------------- [ I turned to my boy Mac G during the Wiz-Pacers game and said, "Gil looks antsy as hell....like he can't stand sitting on the bench after only playing one game." (or something to that effect). When Arenas dubbed himself as being "wishy-washy" to the DC Sports Bog, it really didn't even begin to describe how nutzo this dude is.....yep, the boy who cried wolf indeed.] [BONUS: Here's the video of Gilbert's chat with the media today. -Jake]

Hikikomori is the New Hibachi


Arenas' lips are uncharacteristically sealed.

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