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Mike Miller hasn't ruled out a return to the Wizards

To steal a joke Kyle made in Google Reader today, I haven't ruled out drinking five shots of tequilla tonight, but it doesn't mean I'll actually do it. (Via Michael Lee).

It's official: Oberto is signing with the Wizards

According to Mike Lee. No official word on whether he took the LLE or the vets minimum, but I'd assume the former. EDIT: Unselds posted this first, so sorry for not seeing your FanShot and bumping it.

Brandon Bass signs with Orlando

Four years, 18 million for a 23-year old. What a great signing. They still have enough money to possibly pursue Matt Barnes and Theo Ratliff. Nelson/Johnson Carter/Redick Pietrus/Barnes Lewis/Bass/Anderson Howard/Ratliff God, that team is sick. Plus, because of the Hedo s&t, they have a $7 million trade exception they can use later in the year to a team desperate to get under the cap. That's enough to add someone like Stephen Jackson, Shane Battier, Udonis Haslem, Leandro Barbosa, Joel Pryzbilla or Andres Nocioni. Why do they have to be in our division?

Dan Shanoff is calling Roger Mason Jr. the offseason pickup of the year

"Great" -- Here's what Shanoff wrote: The Spurs snagged him from the Wizards this summer, and with Tony Parker (and Manu Ginobili) out, Mason has stepped up as a starter. Last night, he scored a team-high 21, including the game-winning 3. For the season, Mason is averaging 14.5 ppg and shooting 47.1 percent on 3s. His 35.3 mpg and 4.3 rpg are both second on the team, behind only Tim Duncan. You could argue the Spurs’ rebound from that 1-4 start to today’s 5-5 was largely from the value of Mason.

Bobcat extend offer sheet to Carl Landry

I hope this doesn't work out. Landry is exactly what they need. [UPDATE]: Rockets match. Very nice.

Donyell Marshall?

Editor's Note: Bumped because I remember Ernie really going after Marshall in 2005, signing AD instead. At this point, Donyell's pretty much done though. -PM Cheap, and can shoot the three.

Mo Williams to Cleveland, a bunch of expiring deals shuffled elsewhere

The official deal has Mo Williams going to the Cavs, Damon Jones' expiring contract, Luke Ridnour and Adrian Griffin to the Bucks and Joe Smith's and Desmond Mason's expiring contracts going to Oklahoma City. Wow, what a dumb trade for Milwaukee. Ridnour's basically a poor-man's Williams and Jones and Griffin won't do anything for them. Cleveland takes on a lot of salary, but Williams fits in quite well next to LeBron. They officially scare me. If I had to rank the East, I'd put Cleveland second ahead of Detroit.

Iggy re-signs for six years, 80 million

The Sixers are capped out for the next few years! How can they possibly improve the roster! (I'm being purposely facetious).

Josh Smith gets 58-million dollar offer sheet from the Grizzlies

This according to the Memphis Commercial Appeal. What a confusing report. It says the offer is for 58 million, but there's no word on the number of years, which is kind of important. It's also confusing whether Smith has actually accepted the offer. Perhaps this is an instance where taking a little more time to get more essential facts of the story would have been the way to go instead of rushing to get the news out first. If true, Atlanta has to be thanking Memphis for making their life easy, assuming the Hawks match like they should. If not, they're even stupider than I thought. Still, good to see Memphis actually trying to use their cap space instead of being cheap. At the very least, they've set Josh Smith's market price. UPDATE: Atlanta says they're going to match the offer, so it looks like the ATL will remain relevant in NBA basketball.

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