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The Wizards need another wing player. Here's the skinny on all their free-agent options


A complete list of the many small forward options for the Wizards this summer.

Even with John Wall, re-signing Shaun Livingston should be a high priority


As I understand it, there are two major arguments against keeping Shaun Livingston this summer: 1.  With John Wall at point guard and Gilbert Arenas coming back, we don't need Shaun anymore. 2....

Some quick follow-up thoughts on free agency this summer


Why the Wizards should sit out the 2010 free agent frenzy.

Washington Post: Why LeBron James Should Sign With The Wizards


I'm actually kind of surprised it took so long for someone to write something like this, but alas, we finally have a mainstream article about why LeBron James should sign with the Wizards.  It's...

Shaun Livingston on the Wizards: "We're still so far from being a playoff-caliber team"


Is Shaun Livingston trying to position himself in contract negotiations with the Wizards this summer. We talk to him and read between the lines.

The "Bring Out Your Dead" strategy: Why it's the path the Wizards should take this summer


The Wizards have a lot of different ways they can use their cap space this summer. Here's one creative and effective way they should use it.

The Alonzo Gee saga is where bad process meets questionable results


The reason that Alonzo Gee somehow slipping away and signing back with the Spurs is bad really doesn't have a lot to do with Alonzo Gee. Well, let me rephrase that: it sort of has to do with Alonzo...

No building blocks


No bwoods column today, sorry guys.  This will take its place. It was Saturday night, after the Wizards' 94-84 victory over the Kings, and Flip Saunders was reflecting on a career that included, to...

The Wizards are at the crossroads of franchise-dom.


There is no doubt in my mind that the Wizards have reached the preverbal fork in the road.  We're 8-17.  The season is close to a third over.  We have not demonstrated any progress from the...

ESPN: Wizards to sign Earl Boykins


Marc Stein has the scoop: The injury-hit Washington Wizards plan to sign veteran guard Earl Boykins to bolster their depleted backcourt, sources told ESPN.com. What, Muggsey Bogues wasn't...

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