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Frank Hanrahan - Saunders Has Lost Wizards


I think Hanrahan makes some really good points. Although I'm not ready to give up on Flip yet, I am starting to believe that he isn't doing enough to keep this team motivated.

Wizards Forced to Watch Film of Their Embarrassing Loss to the Raptors


Flip forces his team to watch the film of the Raptors loss, and offers his criticism throughout. Some players had their feelings hurt from the criticism. NICE!

Flip Saunders gets no respect at airports


A fan shares a story about seeing Flip Saunders getting some extra treatment from TSA, recently at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport.

Like Davey Johnson's Dad: Thomas Boswell on Flip and the Wizards


Shorter Boswell: the team is soft and it's about time a head coach admitted it.

"They're not going to talk young and old,"

Editor's Note: One thing's clear about Flip; he's saying all the right things. It's uncanny even. Perhaps too uncanny. It's almost as if you wonder about his sincerity for a second. -Mike From the Washington Examiner: "They're not going to talk young and old," said Saunders of what he expects when practice begins. "They're going to talk team, and we're going to blend everybody together." I like the sound of it.

Sam I Am Cassell is Official


The Washington Wizards Blog is reporting that Sam Cassell and Randy Wittman are officially official as assistants on Flip Saunders' staff. Get ready for more Gollum jokes people. [Ed. Note - the original fan shot by igetbucketsson was changed and slapped on the front page - Truth]

So Long Dave Hopla


Looks like assistants Phil Hubbard and Randy Ayers will be out too....according to Wizards Insider. No big surprise here as most any coach would want their own staff ... except ... Wes Unseld, Jr. will be staying on board. The Unselds are part of Abe Pollin's family ... and it just wouldn't be a franchise without a dose of nepotism. Speaking of ... Flip might hire his son.

Why Not Flip Saunders?


Can't get enough of this Flip Saunders thing? Thought so.

Michael Wilbon argues against the Flip hire


It's a really good column; probably his best effort in years, to be honest. It certainly made me pause. I just wonder whether his mythical perfect coach is in fact Avery Johnson, like he claims. The line between Avery and Terry Porter seems remarkably thin. It's why I'm such a big fan of the Sam Cassell AC hiring; Cassell does everything Avery would do, except with far less risk. Yet Wilbon dismisses it offhand, since he's not the head coach. The title, to me, seems far less important than Wilbon makes it out to me. Then again, one area Wilbon clearly has an advantage over me is assessing locker room dynamics. Neither of us are perfect, but he's got better contacts and access to make educated guesses.

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