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Smoke and mirrors: Flip Saunders wants Gilbert Arenas to play more up-tempo


I missed practice yesterday, but according to Michael Lee, Flip Saunders had a message for Gilbert Arenas. "We haven't had as much of a thrust with the ball," Saunders said. "We want [Arenas]to be...

The Dagger Report, Episode 1: Training camp wrap-up, studying Flip Saunders' offense and breaking down the Dallas Mavericks


In episode one of The Dagger Report, the new Wizards podcast hosted by Bullets Forever and Truth About It, we talk to Rashad Mobley from Hoops Addict about the Wizards' preseason, Mark Riggs from...

14 players in a new system: Nick Young


Also see: An introduction to the series | Mike James | Javaris Crittenton | DeShawn Stevenson | Fabricio Oberto He'll never admit it, but Nick Young had to have felt pretty crappy the day the W...

Links: Flip Saunders' press conference


Lots of other people were at yesterday's press conference, and I'll link them here.  For BF's report on Flip Saunders' press conference yesterday, go here. The Associated Press: Saunders thinks...

Brendan Haywood, Flip Saunders and Ben Wallace: A cautionary tale, or nothing to worry about?


Flip Saunders didn't get along with Ben Wallace in Detroit. Does this mean he might not get along with Brendan Haywood in DC?

14 players in a new system: Where do they fit in? An introduction


For any team, a new coach brings questions of how the current crop of players will fit into the new coach's style of play. These questions can range from general (how will a defense-first coach...

A self-reflective Flip Saunders is a good thing


This Wizards blogger is comforted to hear that Flip Saunders is attempting to rectify one of his mistakes in Detroit.

Finding substance in the "Flip Saunders and Company Positive Thinking Media Campaign"


Trying to find the real substance in Flip Saunders' proclamations and quotes to the media.

Sure, give Caron Butler more shots ... provided he can get them off, of course


Busy day today, so not much blogging.  Sorry. A solid debut article from new Truth About It contributor docfunk argues that Caron Butler needs to shoot more shots in order for the Wizards to have a...

Fabricio Oberto will be helpful ... but let's be careful about giving him too many chances


Fabricio Oberto signs with the Washington Wizards ... officially.

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