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Wizards lose to Nuggets: Final wrap, where I step off the ledge a bit


I jumped the gun a bit yesterday after the loss to the Nuggets.  Now that I've had a day to calm down, a few things I want to say: No, the Wizards aren't tanking, at least not in the traditional...

Wizards lose to Hawks: Final wrap, where Andray Blatche and JaVale McGee are developing projects


JaVale McGee tends to be a really shy, innocent guy with the cameras on, which stands in stark contrast to his Twitter persona.  He comes across like an innocent kid that is either a) used to...

Wizards lose to Rockets: Final wrap, where the Wizards play hard, but not smart


If you were an alien from another planet and you were placed into the Wizards locker room immediately following a game with the task of trying to figure out if they won, all you have to do is look...

Wizards blow 13-point lead in loss to Celtics: Final wrap, where I blame the Minnesota guys


It seems Flip Saunders is hot about how Andray Blatche supposedly talked trash to Kevin Garnett and woke him up, thereby waking up the Celtics and allowing them to push through for the win.  Which...

Wizards get blown out by Bucks: Final wrap, where growing isn't easy


I rewatched this monstrosity yesterday, and there's really not much else to say that's different from the first game.  They turned up the defensive pressure and played even harder than they did...

Wizards lose to Milwaukee: Final wrap, where our offense fails it's test


I think we can all agree that the way our offense has performed in the seven games after trading away all our key scorers is nothing short of remarkable.  I think we can also agree that it reflects...

Quick thoughts: I like this team, but let's be realistic


Sorry guys.  I know I promised final wraps for both of this weekend's games, but real life stuff got a bit more in the way than I expected.  I'm also working on a number of articles for this week. M...

Wizards beat Knicks: Final wrap, where Mike Miller getting aggressive happens


I'll never forget the look Mike Miller made after he hit his fifth three in six attempts in the third quarter of last night's win over the Knicks.  After the shot, which gave the Wizards a 79-65...

Wizards score just 78 points in loss to Clippers: Final wrap, where it's jumpers, not energy


Most of you probably know my distaste for the word "energy."  Why don't I like that word?  Because it's often assumed to be the cause of bad play rather than the result.  In other words, we think...

Wizards beat the depleted Trail Blazers in DC: Final wrap, where we keep perspective


Dictionary.com defines perspective as 'the state of existing in space before the eye."  Okay, that's kind of a lame definition that doesn't really mean anything.  I just really wanted to start a...

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